On the road again!

Sunday, July 6, 2008 |

Ok, so what I have failed to mention on this blog (for fear of someone calling the mental hospital on me), is that in exactly five hours I am leaving on yet another road trip..............to TEXAS! Ha!ha!........Here's where it gets really insane. Guess who with? Nope not Craig! My best friend Robin, her boys, and my kids!! Yep! We are going on the road for fifteen hours with three rambunctious boys and a little girl! ha!ha!ha! And don't even try to call the mental police, because by the time you read this, we will probably be long gone!
Our husbands are CONVINCED that we concocted this idea while seeing who could drink more margaritas.......but neither of us drink, so that is not the case. (though they still think that is how it happened!)
Anyways, just thought I would fill you in on my world travels this summer......this is the last trip! I promise!!ha!ha!
Please pray for our sanity and safety!
I will give updates of course as I can...........
Have a great week!

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