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Tuesday, July 15, 2008 |

So I've mentioned this restaurant in my blog before, and I will mention it again because it is worth the mention!! Last night Craig and I and the kids ate here, and like always, left stuffed and happy!lol! The salads are AMAZING....I had the "hot vegetable salad" (because after all that Mexican food last week...I better not even THINK of getting anything other than a salad! ha!) I did however indulge in the hot croissant they so cleverly laid on the side of the salad.......now why in the world do they do that?? I mean, that's just pure torture for those of us who are TRYING to be good.......CURSE that hot, gooey, honey drizzled, big fat yummy croissant!!! Curse it I say!! ......................(but don't curse the person who made it, because it R-O-C-K-S!!! LOL!)
We then went to a sporting goods store (to which I won't mention the name because I HATE the name! And if some parts of the country don't have this store, and are reading this blog, they will think I'm being crude or mean..........trust me it's a STUPID name...) to get cleats for Carter since football starts in TWO WEEKS! I can't believe it's football season again. We had the best time last year as it was Carter's first year to play. I was so reluctant to let him play because I thought it was a violent sport, and I was just SURE that he was going to get hurt. But, after the first couple games, I realized how exciting it was, and I began to embrace the game......a little too much.......let's just say I have an alter ego named Shanequa, and she tends to come out at these football games quite a bit!! Craig LOVES it! For years I have yelled at him to stop getting so worked up at football games on TV, and now I see the excitement and craziness that it arouses!..............I just need to be careful not to get "escorted out" of the game!!LOL!!! JUST KIDDING! I don't get THAT bad!!!!
ANYWAYS, while we were at the "unmentionable store", Carter decided to do the rock climbing wall. He made it to the top so fast that I could barely get a picture of him. I guess next time we go he will have to try the next level. I will say that for only $2, this is a great little thing to do, Carter LOVES rock climbing!

Mommy panic set in right about HERE..........

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  • Sandi Hixson

    whoa baby...........get that sweet baby boy down from there! :)............and football IS violent!
    but i guess i will have to "adjust", huh?

  • BethAnne

    Here in TN, we have the store you failed to mention and I too hate the name. At Myrtle Beach, there is a restaraunt by the same name as the store you didnt name and their seeling point is that they are rude to the customers on purpose. What????? Pay for someone to be rude to me? Not in this lifetime. If I am paying, I better get great service and more than one of those hot gooey croissants! hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Let the "boy be a boy"!!
    Pap Pap