Fun with our neighbors!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 |

Last night we were able to enjoy a fun evening with the Anderson's who live directly behind us. The kids WRECKED the play room, but at least they had fun doing it!! ha!

Of course the "men" never took their hands off of the Wii the entire evening......There is just GONNA have to be some guidelines and boundaries set for this is SO addictive!

Carter LOVES babies, and getting to hold baby Shiloh was a highlight for him last night!
Let's just say that Derwin wasn't doin' so well on the Wii.......
When they left last night, Carter asked me when Mr. Derwin could come back and play with him!....(I think he really ENJOYED beating him......ha!ha!)
Big "D" got in a better mood when little Mickey came to see him!!

Last but not least, sweet baby Shiloh with mama!
Thanks J&D for the fun night, but, next time Jackie when you say you are bringing a "light" dessert, you might need to get the definition of LIGHT out of a health book or something.......I'm pretty sure the homemade shortcake doesn't make the cut!!.......(but it was oh, so YUMMY!!)

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