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Monday, July 14, 2008 |

On Friday we took on a project that we like to refer to as "Trading Spaces on STEROIDS"! Me, Robin, Sydney, and my Aunt Teresa decided that we were going to "add a few things" to Teresa's house and Sydney's room. Thus began our shopping adventures. What started out as a few simple changes, ended in a BRAND NEW room for Sydney, and EVERY room in Teresa's downstairs getting adjustments. We literally worked and shopped around the clock for two days straight while the kiddos were left behind with Brad and Brittney for swimming, movies, and WATERMELON......a WHOLE one at that! (When they started to get "rowdy" as Brad refers to it as, he made them ALL swim laps! lol! Great idea Brad! Can you come to my house today?)
Anyways, we stayed up until 4am Friday, hitting the stores again by noon on Saturday. By 11:00 pm Saturday night, we decided that we had to get ourselves packed for the early morning travels back to the ATL, therefore leaving a few projects unfinished......BUT, for the most part, the end results were FABULOUS! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics of the results......due to a few "paint touch ups" that still needed to be done, SO, I am counting on you T to get me those pics! ha! I will post them when they get to me. Oh, and T, I'm still rooting for ROOT!!!!ha!ha!hee!hee!

Brad was soooo sweet, and brought home Texas Longhorns t-shirts for each of the kids. They of course thought that was awesome, and have already worn them twice!
Well, he couldn't give them t-shirts without teaching them the "hook 'em horns" sign!!
Okay, as I have already said, Texas is FULL of Mexican restaurants. That is ALL we ate while we were there. Taco Cabana is a "fast food" restaurant that just so happens to be THE BEST FAST FOOD RESTAURANT ON THE PLANET!" If you are ever in Texas and have the opportunity to experience this lovely place, DO SO!!! TRUST ME!

So our trip has ended and we are safe and sound at home. We had a fabulous time with lots of laughs, fun, and amazing moments together that will be ingrained in our memory forever. Thank you Robin for embarking on this crazy adventure with us, you are truly the definition of a BEST friend! I can't wait for our next adventure!

I will leave you with what I think must be the most precious and funny quote of the trip.....given to us by Drew Dover....

We went to a museum and there was a three foot cross as one of the attractions. Drew's eyes got real wide and with pure amazement in his voice said "oh mize goodness, Ize never knew Jesus was so SHORT"!

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