Carter's Birthday

Saturday, July 19, 2008 |

Carter was SOOO excited about his birthday gift this year!

Yesterday to celebrate Carter's birthday, we went to the pool, where Craig and Carter escaped to the courts outside the pool for some b-ball. (yes, I know, just TRY to control yourself.....that's MY husband.......!?:0-)

Of course being that it was his birthday, sugar was pretty much unlimited, so his daddy took FULL advantage of that, buying powdered sugar donuts for breakfast and bringing them to the pool! (trust me, it is NOW that we are paying for the complete sugar overload!)
At least ONE of my children was eating healthy...........of course I would too, if I had just eaten my weight in donuts!!

We then headed back to the house where Carter was joined with family and a couple friends for a fun Wii and sugar filled party!! ha!

This was a fun idea I got from one of my bloggy friends, and the boys LOVED it!
You just get small toys (I went to the dollar store and bought bags of cowboys and Indians, rubber bugs and dinosaurs), freeze them in layers and then let the children try to figure out how to get them out.
It didn't take long for them to find "tools" and smash the fire out of the block of ice!

Of course everyone knew that Carter was getting the Wii for his birthday, so he received several games. MarioKart is my personal is totally fun to play!!

Uh huh, that's my friend Robin with a marshmallow stuck up her nose.....ON PURPOSE......she tends to put things in her nose and then just wait to see if anyone will say something.......weird fetish of hers, but whatever..........
No, Carter didn't do this himself....even HE has more sense than that....Robin walked over and stuffed them in his nose! What is WRONG with you girl??

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