Journey to Birthday Cake!

Friday, July 18, 2008 |

So yesterday Ava and I decided that we were going to make Carter his birthday cake together. Well, let's just say that EVERY time I turned my head, I would turn back around to little miss with chocolate ALL over her face........she would then act totally innocent, obviously completely OBLIVIOUS to her changing skin color!!! if!
I hope no one that is coming to our house tonight is reading this, because I CAN NOT assure you that her grubby little fingers were NOT in the batter.........SAWREEE!
Uh huh, STILL oblivious to the chocolate face.......might not be acting so sassy if she knew she was BUSTED!
Of course big brother comes in, sees the chocolate face, and a war ensues.....because after all how could I GIVE Ava chocolate and not him???..........It's clear here what happened next......I know I know, I'm a SUCKER !!..............but just LOOK at those precious giggles!!

YES! I am a HUGE sucker........not only do I give in and give my children the batter, I throw it out on the lawn for all who come........

This is who showed up........

The result? Very pleased I must say. This MIGHT be one of my favorite cakes yet!! I mean how can you not love the carnival colors and all the SUGAR!! Which brings me to another story.....Carter came down the stairs this morning, his eyes got real wide and said "LOOK AT ALL THE SUGAR"!....hA! This is funny because those that know us, know that Carter doesn't get to have sugar during the school year (a few treats....but not much)due to his difficulty concentrating and sitting still, and we have been TRYING to keep to that rule during the summer (though success has been hard while we have been traveling...), anyways, the look on his face was just hilarious.......although rereading it here it doesn't sound so funny, so I'm just going to move on from here.......(because erasing all of what I just wrote would take WAY too long...!:-0)
I still have a few more "treats" to add to the party tonight, but for now, Carter is ready to get his SWIM on, so it's time to roll..........right on over to the pool........
Thank you sis for helping me with the cake! This just might be our best one yet!.......or at least the most FUN one!!!

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