Day three in Austin

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 |

So we just got back from an awesome natural springs reservoir that has been converted somewhat into a public pool. The water never gets above sixty two degrees!! IT WAS FREEZING! But, the boys thought it was sooo cool with the small fish, the VERY slippery limestone bottom, and the drop offs where it would just get really deep without warning.
When I was seventeen years old, I started coming to Austin to visit my Aunt about once a year. I did this until shortly before I was married. Barton Springs is one of those "must go to" places every time I visit. Hmmmmmm......the LAST time I came here for the day was the same day that I decided to "tat it up" and get a tattoo that evening. A yellow rose........of Texas!!
WOW! Seems like yesterday, and also an eternity ago........CRAZY!
Anyways, we are having sooooo much fun, the kids are seriously on their best behavior.....we can't believe it. Carter and Ava have expressed how they wish that their daddy was here to see all the "cool" stuff, and I am sure that Ethan and Drew miss their daddy as well, but all is well, and Robin and I actually have all the hairs on our heads still attached!!!
We are going to another FAV of mine tonight.......The OASIS. So, gotta go take a shower and get ready!
Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!

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