Today's Randomness

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 |

After the FIASCO at the mall yesterday, I decided that sanity trumped ANYTHING that would require getting into my car with the kids and going ANYWHERE! So, we headed to the pool, just the three of us. The day was relatively eventless with only a couple screams, shoves and eyes almost being poked out. Hey! That's a GOOD day!! I'm on my knees praising God for the PEACEFUL day we had here!!

I thought I would take a picture of my flowers when I got home from the pool today. You might remember these, as I posted pictures of them on Mother's Day because they were my Mother's Day present. (The picture above is the original picture taken on Mother's Day)
Well, despite the heat, drought,and the fact that we have been gone half the summer, Craig has managed to not only keep these flowers alive, but LOOK how much they've grown!!! (down below)It's AMAZING! And the flowers in the pot were barely visible at Mother's Day! Way to go Craig! (he's definitely the green thumb of the family....If I were in charge of them, they wouldn't have made it past Mother's Day at all!!) Thanks also to our parents who helped water them while we were gone!!
I have enjoyed my flowers so much this summer, I will be sad when the weather turns, and these die........but until then, I love driving up to my house everyday and looking at them!

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