Hubs strikes again!

Saturday, July 19, 2008 |

Okay, ever since we moved in to this house, Craig has hated these plants that the builder planted flanking our front door step. He says that they get way too big and out of control, and will block our doorway. I however have always LOVED them and have fought long and hard to keep them.
Grown out the way they are supposed to be, they are beautiful and look like big round mounds of beautifully manicured grass. Very tropical actually. I realize that they can get out of control if not kept trimmed regularly, but they are so cool, and I just want to keep them.
Craig however is determined to make me so mad that I just give in and tell him to take them out. He is trying EVERYTHING he can think of to get me to do this......BUT OH NO! I am NOT giving in....he can chop them all he wants, (this is the second time he has "gone butcher happy" on them, the first time he practically shaved them to the ground.........and when he SLEPT on the GROUND that night, apparently he thought he would try another tactic the next time.....bringing us to this disasterly chop I like to refer to as "my uncle Ardy" look alikes.....(sorry, you have to be related to me to know what that means........long and short: he had a flat top)), but,he will not succeed!! I think I am going to have to go all Shanequa on him......AGAIN! When will he learn?
Oh, and for all you sassy ones out there that are saying, "why don't YOU just groom them then?", trust me I've tried!! He just hates the plants period. Wants them out. And will torture me to get his way.......hmmmm, I think I might go out in the garage and "accidentally" cut all the lines on his fishing poles........oops!
And so another "episode" occurs in the Z house........stay tuned for the results of this showdown!

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  • ShortOne

    Oh, I feel ya here!!! I too have had plants that were not my husbands favorite - he would try everything to get rid of them, and I will do whatever it takes to save them. Good Luck!!!

  • rebekah kern

    It is so funny that you are having an issue with these plants, because Chris hates them too!! I have wanted to put some in along one side of the house, to "soften" the line and create some movement, but Chris also thinks they are unmanageable! What is the deal?!? Good luck!

  • David, Tammy, Megan and Hobbes

    Drama, drama, drama... You guys crack me up! At least the "boys" haven't started peeing in them to kill them.... I've heard of that sort of thing happening. :-)

  • Swede at Heart

    This is hilarious! It is so something my dh and I would do. LOL Glad to hear we're normal!