Friends are a sweet gift from the Lord!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008 |

Yesterday was a day of reuniting! After being gone for the whole summer thus far, the kids were DYING to be able to swim with some of their bestest friends of all time. BFF's Macauly and Ava were completely INSEPARABLE the entire day. And by inseparable, I mean they never even got out of the float......NO JOKE! They stayed glued together by this floatie for several hours!!!......... Thank you Macauly, McKenna, Emily, Jackson, Tailyn, and Jasper for spending the day with us at the pool and being such sweet friends to Carter and Ava!
After a full day in the was time for some girl time....sans kids......praise the Lord.
With the kids at grandparents, and Craig in Orlando, what's a girl supposed to do? GO OUT OF COURSE!!!! So that's what I did. With some of my favorite gal pals.
After helping Ivette with some decorating ideas for her boys room, we left and headed out to meet Tammy for dinner. Ivette took us to some hot spots in Roswell, including a wonderful little place called The Fickle Pickle where we had yummy desserts. After closing that place down (literally), we headed to her place where we hung out on the patio and her husband actually served us! ha!ha!......Now that's a MAN!!!! Yeah for Milo! I bet Ivette is proud to call him "my man".....aren't you Ivette??

Anyways, it was so great yesterday to be able to spend time with friends that have been missed so much this summer. I am very thankful for the people God chooses to impact my life with, and for the friendships he has blessed our family with.
And tomorrow I will see even more of them.....yay!

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