These boots were made for...

Monday, July 28, 2008 |

Pouting. Crying. Screaming. Kicking. Anything BUT walking!!
YES! Our sweet, loving, precious Ava did not have one of her better days today. This weekend I bought her some cowgirl boots for her upcoming cowgirl party (more on that LATER!!), and since she saw them, they have barely been off of her feet. So of course she HAD to wear them to the mall today.
Now let me start with saying that I HATE going to the mall with both of my children. Carter absolutely detests anything at all that has to do with any kind of shopping, therefore making it
miserable to go to these places with him. He whines and complains the entire time! (hubs is EXACTLY the same way, so Carter comes by it honestly). BUT, I really needed to go to Teavana today, and they are of course AT THE MALL!!
So, in we troop......30 seconds inside door...Carter: "Are you SURE we have to come here?
What do you NEED anyways? I'm pretty sure I saw some tea with daddy's you don't HAVE to get some today. Come on Ava, we're leaving."........let's just say he probably shouldn't have used physical force to turn Ava around. First KICK of the day. Retaliation leads to first SCREAM of the day. Me in my under my breath voice with gritting teeth: "If you two don't knock it off right now, we're going to leave, and you are going straight to your rooms for the rest of the day!!".....Carter: "Well, it would be better than this place."
(apparently my son has completely LOST HIS MIND to think he can talk to me that way......which led us to first CRY of the day!.......)
Fifty more complaints, two kicks, three shoves, and a hair yank later, we made it ALL THE WAY from Dillards to Teavana. (four stores away from each other:-) All I needed at that point was a partridge in a pear tree! (or a HEAVY drug.....and I am OPEN to suggestions on this!!......JK.......... not really......seriously.)
I told them that if they would just let me PLEASE get my tea without them getting me escorted out, we could LOOK in the Disney store next door.

First POUT of the day. And that was COMPLETELY my fault don't ya know. I mean WHY in the world I wouldn't buy my daughter a Cinderella costume, a stuffed puppy, and a Wall-e robot is totally beyond me!! Which of course leads to SECOND cry of the day. TIME TO LEAVE.................The trek back to the car did NOT get any this point I am now looking for drugs for THEM.......and again, I am OPEN to suggestions here.........this time NOT kidding!

If I EVER talk about going to the mall again with my OBNOXIOUS children..........CALL THE POLICE! Because I have obviously lost MY mind!!!!!

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  • ShortOne

    1st- I have to say the boots are too cute - i remember my daughter's 1st pair of pink boots, she didn't even want to take them off for bed time!

    2nd - i have had so many trips like that - i so feel your pain on this one. wish i had some good advice, but w/mine at 13 & 11 now, it could still happen at any moment - i just get to use different threats (no cell phone, computer, etc...)

    hope tomorrow is better!

  • Scrapper Mom

    Totally empathize with you girl. Been There, Done That!

    Mom said she never got an email from you. You may try again. Let me know if you do and I'll tell her to watch for it. If that doesn't work, I will have her email you instead. k?

    Better luck shopping next time.

  • Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique

    Oh Heidi! I Feel your pain! I have no suggestions but it's good to know I'm not alone ;)
    Love the boots!

  • Ivette Falcon

    No suggestions for you except next time, leave the kiddies at home!! LOL... Why do you think I almost never go to the mall?
    BTW, Ava rocks those boots! I may have to go back there and buy a pair for Mia.

  • Hillary Hull

    Hey! We're meeting at the movies tonight at Parkway Point at 7:00 - Mama Mia here we come! And after the movie, we're all going out for a late dinner or if you've already eaten - dessert! Hope you can join us! I can't believe Carter has practice til 8:30!!!! That's late! We'll probably get dinner around that Cumberland area.

  • Hollie

    I love the boots and shorts!!
    Wanna go to the mall with all of our kids for the day tomorrow? Ha Ha Ha....

  • David, Tammy, Megan and Hobbes

    I'm with Carter. I HATE going to the mall....

    But I love his comment about his room being better than the mall. Classic!!