They're at it again!

Sunday, July 6, 2008 |

Well, the stakes just went up! Everyone who knows and loves Craig and Josh (my brother in law), know that they are great big DORKS! They are constantly playing pranks on each other (and others, but ESPECIALLY each other), and last night the ultimate went down and the winning point goes to Josh!
Apparently while everyone was here last night, Josh went to our bedroom, and found Craig's underwear drawer. He then proceeded to rub icy hot in every pair.
My sister must have felt guilty about it because she told me about it late last night. The problem was that it was late, and Craig and Josh had still not returned from the store, and well, I forgot all about it. (plus the fact that I really didn't know what Icy Hot was or what it did.......)
My memory was jolted quite quickly this morning when I heard Craig screaming like he had just been shot................
Ummm, by the sound of his crying, I'm pretty sure Josh is in for it BIG TIME!
Josh, my advice? Watch your back!.........(but, secretly? way to go! THAT was a funny one.......shhhh, don't tell Craig I said that!)

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