The Alamo

Monday, July 14, 2008 |

On Thursday we drove to San Antonio to visit the Alamo, and the famous Riverwalk.
The Alamo was the biggest reason that Robin wanted to come to Texas. She loves history, and was so excited to see it and show her boys.
When we got to San Antonio, we went to the Imax theater to watch a movie about the Alamo so that all the kids could understand exactly what it was all about. Not one to really enjoy History much, I was very shocked at how good and interesting the movie was.
After the Imax, we headed across the street to the Alamo. We walked around the grounds and visited a small museum of artifacts from that time period. After seeing what we thought to be everything, we were on our way...................
We walked on the riverwalk, took a boat ride, had lunch, shopped, and then drove back to Austin. It was then that Robin decided to pull out the pamplet on the Alamo. Upon studying the information, Robin gasps (loudly I might add, almost causing me to crash the car), she has just realized that we drove seventeen hours to visit the Alamo, the biggest "field trip" her boys have ever been on, and we didn't actually go INSIDE the Alamo!! LOL!LOL!LOL! Apparently we only walked the grounds AROUND the Alamo, never actually entering the one building that is still in it's original state, the church! (uh, huh, the picture above.......well, we got a picture of it though!!) ..........OOPS!

Carter sporting his souvenirs from the Alamo....

Can you say FEAR FACTOR?
Uh huh, that's a PINK gun that Ava decided she needed, to feel included!!

I absolutely LOVE the Riverwalk!

And that was a wrap! I just love the gun in hand! ha!

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