Saturday, July 26, 2008 |

Well, I am home from my overnight cabin trip, and I must say I feel VERY rested! Yay! Yesterday afternoon we went North about thirty minutes to the mountains where Ivette has an Awesome cabin. We stopped at the grocery store before taking off to gather our dinner and snacks for the evening.
Upon arriving I was greeted by a HUMONGOUS spider.........and MANY screams and shouts later, Tams came to the rescue capturing the horrendous creature and sealing its fate. Thanx Tams!
That was IT for Drama! THREE women, and that was the only drama of the night!!!! (well, there was ONE more thing......but this is a FAMILY show here........)

I can honestly say we were a dictionary definition of doing absolutely NOTHING!! Except chill, talk, watch movies, and talk some more.........I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing QUIET time. We slept in this morning, ate breakfast, talked, laughed, talked, and laughed a little more, packed it up, went to lunch, and drove home.

Simple and EXACTLY what I needed! Thanks Ivette for sharing your cabin with us, and thanx Tam for saving my life last night!! You ROCK!

I went on the front deck this morning, and this is what was out there.........LUV it!!

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