The Oasis

Friday, July 11, 2008 |

Wednesday night we went to this place called the Oasis for dinner. This restaurant has fifty decks all leaning over beautiful Lake Travis, and filled with tables for dining. To say that it is an unbelievably beautiful place is putting it mildly. The pictures in my Fingerprint Friday post below were taken from our table.
As you walk up to the restaurant, these are just some of the sights that you walk through. The whole place has the best ambiance ever! It is SO cool!
So, I've been to this place a few times before, however during a much different time of my life. I remember thinking it was cool, but don't remember just HOW cool and beautiful it really is. (ha! I guess back then (in my twenties) I was too busy trying to see if there were any "HOT GUYS" around to appreciate the beauty right in front of me.......ha!) Well, I am going to bring my HOT man here someday......sans the kiddos! heeheehee
GORGEOUS flowers in AWESOME planters line every inch of the place.
Here's the kiddie crew standing beside our table.

At first Ava was scared of the little monkey.......but as you can see, he quickly became her friend! Silly Silly monkey!
There are also many different statues and figurines around the place, and the kids had a blast exploring all of them.

Sydney and Ava getting sassy with each other!

See? I told you we still have our hair! And smiles to boot!!!

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