They don't call it HOTlanta for nothin'!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 |

Yesterday was SOOOOOOO hot, there was nothing to do but chillax by the pool!
So, what better way to do that, then with gal pals and WILD kids!!

Tams and Megan tries to persuade her mommy to stay longer! Ha! Too cute!

Yeah, a pretty LARGE water fight broke out....causing all not involved to flee immediately!

Sweet sweet cute are these two together?? They love each other SOOOOO much!
Peace sista!

Addie spent the night with us, and Carter with Hope. We were supposed to meet and go to a small amusement park last night for some rides, but all the HEAT brought on a little storm, and we had to switch up our plans! Next best thing? THE MOVIES!!

I definitely have the more DRAMATIC couple with me. Last night at MIDNIGHT when we got home, both Addie and Ava were asleep in their car seats. Craig and I carried them to the bed, and upon laying Addie down, she opened her eyes and said "WHAT? This is a sleep over, I need to watch a movie on a beanbag and get some popcorn. Why is Ava sleeping?"
At MIDNIGHT I had to get the beanbag out, and curl her up in front of the TV for a movie! By herself.WithOUT the popcorn. I mean, I HAD to put my foot down SOMEWHERE!! ha!ha!

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