Nails, Cheese dip, and Fowhawks!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008 |

Ava and I had a girlie time this afternoon at the nail salon of course. I told her that we were only going to do her toenails today, but as you can see she had the nail tech eating out of the palm of her hands, and next thing you know I look over and there she is getting her FINGERNAILS done! Oh boy! She had her nails painted in honor of the fourth of July!! ha!ha!(ummm, I opted NOT to go that route......,though I was asked!:-)

We then had a mommy daughter lunch together at her favorite kind of restaurant. MEXICAN! (Aaaaahhh, a girl after her own mommies heart!) Seriously, that is what she chooses when she gets to choose. I can't figure it out though, because the only thing she likes there is cheese dip! So, she orders cheese dip and an order of french fries every time we go!! Whatever!

AND THEN came the "biggie". I picked up Carter from his grandma, and took the kids to get haircuts. When we arrived at the hair salon (a.k.a. Great Clips), there was quite a long line, but knowing that this was my only chance to get their hair cut, we waited. Somewhere somehow Carter got his hands on a kids "hair styles" book.
This is where my world as I have known it came to an abrupt end. You see, Carter's hair is MY pride and joy. He has awesome hair, and up to this point, his hair style has been MY choice. I have never let anyone do anything but scissor cut it before, and Craig won't even take him for a haircut, because he knows I will FREAK if they don't do it the way I like.
But TODAY Carter decides that he is going to brave the deep waters and tell me that it is time that HE gets to choose a haircut, deciding that a full blown Mohawk would be the choice of styles. WHAT???? LISTEN HERE BOY, I BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD, I CAN TAKE YOU OUT!! WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT KIND OF HAIRCUT YOU WOULD LIKE??
Ummm, a growing, maturing, (oh, don't make me say it........), boy that is starting to have his own style....................(oh boy does this pain me.......)
Oh, my heart hurt to watch those beautiful locks drop to the ground, and clippers (gasp!)being used on his head.........

Alas, we "compromised" with a fowhawk instead of a full blown Mohawk!

And in the end, I must admit that the cut is ROCKIN'!!! A Rockin' cut for a Rockin' boy! Well, of course little miss had one too........
ps. I'm still considering a lawsuit for having INAPPROPRIATE MATERIAL sitting around in a family hair salon environment. I mean seriously, since when do KIDS get to pick hairstyles out of a book????? Somebody tell me!!!

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  • Jennifer

    Love the nails! I love having Mommy and Me days out with Shelby. So fun! And isn't that the truth about the hair books, what's up with that? My middle son ALWAYS wants some style that I'm like NO WAY buddy! ROFL I did let him highlight with 7 foils one day and was waiting until his Daddy saw that one. LOL He actually liked it and so did I but at $5 a foil it's not something we are doing every month! ROFL

  • Scrapper Mom

    My son got a full blown mohawk back before Christmas (he is 17). He went home with a friend after school and when I got to the gym a few hours later to watch him play basketball, I turned around where he was sitting in the bleachers and saw his hair. I about died!! It was a nice change though, from that long stuff he'd had for awhile.

    When Little Ann and I used to have our mommy days, we went to story time and then to eat Mexican too. She couldn't say the name of the restaraunt so she would ask if we could eat at the "Cheese dip place". They grow up fast, girl! (She's 10 now) Enjoy these times!

  • Anonymous

    You could probably win the lawsuit. Now a days people sue over the stupidest things and win.

  • Anonymous

    Adorable are really funny! :)

  • Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family)

    I like Carter's hair. I would have been freaking out about it before hand though. My husband wants to give our Carter a buzz...I am TOTALLY against that, so he is not allowed to take Carter for a haircut unless I am with them. You never know what those two may come back with!

  • Ivette Falcon

    The haircuts looks great, and I loooove Ava's super cool nails!!
    Oh, and never trust a man with a child's haircut!! :)

  • Mel @ A Box of Chocolates

    I am counting down the days until my daughter will sit with me at the nail place. What a fun girls day!! I love Carter's haircut. What a great cut and it was a perfect way to compromise. You are such a cool mom!!