Football is HERE!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008 |

Carter and Ava with Ava showin' her support wearing her Creekview Grizzlies t-shirt!!

Guess who got to go out for the coin flip before the game? UH HUH....The CARTSTER!!
Now seriously, HOW stinkin' CUTE is that??? Walking out to agree to the rules and flip the coin!! And look how he has his pants cut at the bottom because he CLAIMS they were too tight!! ha!ha!

Carter is the first blue shirt from the left.
Okay, so this is McKenna. This is Carter's LONGTIME girlfriend. He has had "special eyes" for her since they were three!! Every year we ask him again who his "girlfriend" is, and he faithfully replies McKenna. (oh sure there have been a few FLINGS from time to time....but he ALWAYS returns to this little lady......) Her mom and I take pictures of them whenever we get the chance...for the future JUST IN CASE:-0)
Anyways, we played the team she cheers for today, and after the game Melissa and I could NOT resist the photo opp! Unfortunately Carter had already taken his jersey and helmet off, and was NOT putting them back on. (I don't blame was blistering hot today, and he played pretty much the whole game in all that "gear".......I wouldn't want it on any longer either!)
Today was the official first game of the season. I would love to say that we won, but we didn't. Not by a long shot. BUT, the game was still a blast and Carter ROCKED it out!! I behaved again, and am proud of my two experiences with games so far this year, and not getting myself escorted out of or off of something!! ha!ha! ...........Oh, chill! I'm J.K!!!!.....sorta....

Well, I need to go get the chainsaw out and clip hubs toenails.....he's laying on the couch right now with his feet in the air, and I just about gagged when I looked over and saw his feet. (Good thing we have a king size bed, because if those suckers would have accidentally rubbed against me in the middle of the night, I would have pushed the panic button on our alarm system AND called the national guard in due to "alien like" objects in my bed.......) What is WRONG with this man??
Oh well, Have a great LOOOOOONG weekend! I'm off to find my protective goggles...

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