Our "romantic" weekend!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 |

So, things were great, all was good in the world as we arrived at Barnsley Gardens for our overnight getaway with our best friends. We got there at 9:45 am, and all four of us went immediately to the spa for hour long massages. They were great of course, and just got us in that "relaxed" mode, ready for laughter and ROMANCE.......or so I thought........ The skies were blue, the sun was shining,the flowers in full bloom........aaaaahhhhhh, what more could you ask for right?
We checked in to our cozy cottage that was completely off the hook, and things were lookin' real good for some romantic couple time .........or so one would think..........

.........UNTIL THIS!!!!!!!
Craig and Jeff decided that while we were waiting for the golf tee time, they both needed to get a haircut. Robin and I needed to get something at the store, so we dropped them at the hair salon, and went on our joyful merry way, rejoicing all the while at how wonderful our hubbys were, and how much we were thoroughly enjoying our time together.............
That was of course until we are driving back to pick them up, Robin yelps, and about wrecks the car. Walking down the street towards us were two skinheads one without a shirt, and strutting like he was the on the cover of Sports Illustrated or something. (I'm sure I don't need to say on this blog which one that was......the NO shirt thing can only be ONE person here......)
Here comes our completely IDIOT husbands, who thought it would be "cool" to shave their heads. I was so mad I told Robin to just drive right past them, and not to pick them up. So she did. And they walked. When they reached the car, let's just say that neither Robin and I were too excited to let them in. After a little name calling...(I mean seriously, how can you NOT start the name calling?? Who did they think they were? David Beckham wanta be's perhaps?.....PA-LEASE!), we drove back to the resort, and SHOVED them out the door to go play golf.........hoping a large bolt of lightning would strike their stupid bald heads.
Like HELLO?????? Were they on a mens crazy wild golf tournament and lost a bet or something?? NO! They were on a romantic getaway with their amazing beautiful wives, and somewhere along those lines these bozos decide it would be okay to SHAVE THEIR HEADS!??!??

Yep! Just another "regular" day in Ztown..........

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