I DID IT!...okay okay....SHE did it!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 |

So we made it through the first day with just a FEW tears. Craig stayed home this morning, we had breakfast together, prayed together over Ava, and then IT happened. We drove her to school, and LEFT her there. ALL ALONE. BY HERSELF. Well, minus the five hundred other kids and the fifty teachers that were there too. (but in my mind we might as well have left her on a deserted Island with "the others"....(I've watched too many episodes of LOST I think...))
It would have made ME feel better had she cried just a little or at the very least given me one of those REALLY TIGHT bear hugs......BUT alas, that is NOT the case. And in the long run, (I GUESS......) I am glad that she didn't do that. Because after all, this is not about ME, but about Ava, and she was ecstatic about going to school. blah blah blah....
She got there and acted like the biggest little girl ever! Jumped right in with the others...(OH! OH! See? I KNEW there were "others" somewhere in this story!!!), and didn't look back.

I wiped my tears (oh, yeah, and TOUGH GUY Craig got choked up too...), and reluctantly drove off the property without my sweet baby girl. I went to the gym, the drugstore, and the grocery store, and was the FIRST one back on the grounds at exactly 11:35am. Ummm, yeah, school doesn't dismiss until noon. C'MON you didn't expect me to be PERFECT on the first day did you? I patiently awaited my 25 minutes in the car, and the first person I saw walking in, I JUMPED out of my car and went in too.

Ava had the BEST time, and has been bringing up different things about her morning all day. I know we made the right decision to send her, and I'm actually looking forward to seeing her grow there. (but don't think I don't have a lump the size of a grapefruit in my throat even now as I type......I am literally CHOKING back the tears. Hopefully this will get better.....SOON!!)

Sassy little thing!

This is one of her teachers Miss Jennifer.
Ava is showing Miss Jennifer her folder that contains the homework we had been given yesterday to do with her and bring back today. Oh, and the homework thing? She was ECSTATIC that she had homework to do!! ha! I better remember THAT moment...(because I am sure it will last for only that....a moment.)

And this is her main teacher Miss Jeanne. Ava is learning how to "sign in" each morning.
NO! I didn't stay there all morning....this all happened within the first few minutes of being there....so SIMMER DOWN will ya?
Now, does everyone reading this blog concur that I HAVE to do this all over again in the morning????

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