Cowboys and Cowgirls

Monday, August 4, 2008 |

On Friday I took the kids to my parents house because Craig and I were going out of town Saturday morning, and we took the kids to a "cowboy" store near Jasper to gather goodies for Ava's upcoming cowgirl party.
Of course every imaginable item or object that could be explored, touched, ridden, or sat upon, the kids indulged themselves in or on.

I have created a MONSTER!! Little Miss is WAY too comfortable with the camera! Look at her POSING!! (and I PROMISE I don't tell her to do that!)

UH HUH, I couldn't resist taking a picture of this beauty as we funny is that?? MY husband with a GUN!! The image of that is hilarious and completely horrifying at the same time.................. Though, I wish I would have had a gun with me this weekend.....JUST WAIT till you hear what he pulled THIS time.............I will say that there is NEVER a dull moment with Craig as my husband (you DO remember the infamous dishwasher episode don't you??)!!!..............BUT, you will have to wait, because my blogging time is up for right now........MORE later.......and I mean MUCH more..........
(oh, and ps. if you already KNOW what my dear darling oh so wonderful husband has done to rock the boat this time, DON'T spoil the suspense for everyone else by commenting on this blog!! ha!ha! I will get to it soon enough!.....and MY version is ALWAYS better!!!!!hee....hee....hee....)

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