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Monday, August 11, 2008 |

Okay, first, thank you for all of your sweet comments, emails, and well wishes on our Anniversary! I don't think I have EVER received that many Happy anythings before!! On top of the very sweet comments left on this blog, my email box stayed full the entire day with the sweetest emails and stories of your own marriages!! I LOVED reading ALL of them!!

So let me tell you ABOUT our anniversary. As you know, both Craig and I are on a detox, that has a VERY limited menu. Friday night we took the kids to Craig's parents house, and came home for our WONDERFUL:) dinner of rice, vegetables, and black beans!! Oh, yeah baby! We had decided to RENT a movie, because we didn't want to go to the movies and smell the popcorn.....etc.....(Let's just say that Friday night was our "we're going to lose it" day with the whole detox thing, so we couldn't be trusted to go out where REAL food exists!! ha!ha!) BUT, I am happy to announce that we stayed strong and didn't give in to temptation!! ha!ha!

Since Saturday was our actual anniversary, we slept in, ate breakfast (yummo oatmeal and fruit:!?), and mosied down to the pool...SANS the kiddos!! About halfway through our day of reading magazines, talking, and shoving each other in the pool, we remembered that our neighborhood has an "adult only" pool, and laughed at the fact that we were sitting amongst screaming children and tons of families. We decided that it would take too much effort to pack up our things and go check it out, so we stayed put! Oh well, maybe NEXT year when we have no children on our anniversary we will remember the adult pool!Ha!Ha!

After getting too much sun, we came home and this is funny.......WE PLAYED MARIO KART on the wii for more than an hour!! We were laughing the whole time, because we are both so competitive, and we were going for BLOOD on that game!! We then just hung out going NOWHERE, and finally at 8:00 that night we decided it was time to retrieve the kids.

We did NOTHING spectacular, but had an awesome time just being together and yes of course laughing together, and at ourselves. (there are some VERY funny things that happen to a person who is "detoxing", and we have found MUCH humor in them..........and I'll just leave it at that!)
We are planning on going out to dinner Thursday night AFTER our detox comes to an end! Only TWO more days!! WAHOO!.....kind of.......this is actually only phase one for me, but Craig has said that he is DONE after the detox part. HE CAN'T HANDLE THE HEAT!! HA!HA! I on the other hand say BRING IT!!
I am moving on to phase two that lasts for three weeks. I will be able to add lean meat, and a few other things to my diet that will hopefully enable other options for meals!! I am truly sick of rice and beans!!!!!But, SO FAR I have not cheated ONE little bit, and I fully intend on keeping it that way the WHOLE time.............. wish me luck!

So now we are at today, and I have to say WOW! I can't believe how busy life is getting again, and about to get WAY busier. First, my debit card was used somehow on some bogus online transaction, and I had to make a trip to the bank where they confirmed the fraudulent action and cut up my card right in front of me leaving me with no cash, and no debit card......UUGGHHHH!! We then went and met with what feels like my "long lost friend" Melissa and her daughter Macauly for lunch before taking the girls to their first ballet class for the year. I had to run several errands after that (one including confirming my NEW gym membership at this new totally rockin' gym that just opened.....more on that later.....), and then rushed home to see Carter for at least a few minutes before he had to go to football practice!! WHEW! I get tired again just reliving it!!

With Carter in school, football practice three times a week, and games on Saturdays, Ava in ballet, and soon school three times a week, I am wondering how in the world people do this??
Today, I was gone from 10:30 until 4:30, and I STILL didn't get everything accomplished that I needed too!??? And my house? I am a CLEAN FREAK, and this kind of schedule does not allow me to keep my house at the standards that I expect! YIKES!!
Wah wah wah right? I know.....I'll adjust, I'm just sayin' that all of a sudden life has spun out of control with business again and I'm not exactly ready for the punch! I definitely need to get on some kind of time management program or something.

So, I am sure you are tired of my non important ramblings......so I will go resume my busy day! ha!

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  • ShortOne

    I know what you mean about the spinning out of control - they say things are supposed to get easier when school starts because you get back on a schedule, blah, blah, etc, etc...NOT!!! At least not around here - it just gets crazier again, and I think "spinning out of control" is an excellent way to describe it!

  • TUTU Monkey

    The orange in your blog always makes me happy!! I love orange...oaky that was kind of random...

    This detox this sounds like a wild ride.....do you slowly introduce foods?

    I like those kind of Anniversaies....relaxing.....calm........kiddy pool...:)

  • Dana

    Sounds like a perfect anniversary!

  • The Carswells

    I definitely want to go to the new gym with you one day soon. For now, I too am trying to get things back going around here and some sort of routine back to my day after doing nothing but lay on the beach for so long. Not sure I really want to change that part, but life going on! I'll call you and maybe next week I can try and go. Talk to you later!

  • BethAnne

    Wow, you havent cheated even once??? That is amazing!!! I am with you on life spinning out of control. How come our mothers werent so stressed when we were little????

  • Anonymous

    I am feeling the crunch, too. My blog has taken the back seat for a few weeks.

  • Jennifer

    I have to ask b/c I think I missed the post, but why the detox? :)

    I'm starting WW and plan on beginning my exercising next Monday when the kiddos start school. Between that, the kids activities (football, cheer, and gymnastics), doing the books for hubby's business, and starting back to work (from home Thank God!), I feel I have to get it rolling when I start them out for the day! LoL

  • Heather

    Ooh, an adult only pool. That would definitely be worth checking out!!