Grosgrain Giveaway!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 |

You know the drill....Go to Grosgrain and enter to win this adorable dress!

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  • Anonymous

    Cute dress! But, I am just loving the pictures of your Angel Baby in the previous post on her first day of Kindy - how gorgeous is that little girl!!! I'm so glad she had a wonderful morning. And well done you... it's such a 'tough' thing, this 'letting go' business...

    You asked about "Dagwood Dogs"... And here I was thinking they originated from the U.S... They actually are disgusting to look at and you sure don't look pretty eating them, but they are basically a hotdog on a stick covered in batter. And as wicked as they are, you just gotta have one at the EKKA...

    Hope you're having a gorgeous day...

  • Jenny B

    so is that a kids dress or is it for adults because it's super cute and I'd love to win it!