Out of the Mouths of Babes!!

Friday, August 22, 2008 |

I don't have time to do much blogging today as I am frantically getting ready for Ava's big party tomorrow.....but I thought I would report on Carter's latest and greatest.
FIRST, he wanted me to buy him some books from the book fair yesterday, to which I replied.."Carter, I am not buying you any more books until you read the FIVE new books I bought you this summer that are still sitting on your shelf untouched!"
Carter: "BUT MOMMMMMMM!!! I can't read those ones!!"
Me: "Why in the world not?"
Carter: "Because I don't have a bookmark." ................Like,.....Duuuuuuh??

Next, he was having a conversation with my sister about working, and why she had a job, and who was her boss..(which was a funny one because my brother is her boss, and Carter thought that was pretty cool.....His wheels were probably already turning as to what he would MAKE Ava do if he was HER boss........), and so forth. Then Hannah asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.
Carter: "A Vet."
Hannah: "Oh, Carter, that's GREAT!! You would make a VERY good Vet!!"
Carter: pause..."Actually, I think I just want to work at PETSMART, because you get to PET the animals all day." (I guess Vets aren't allowed to TOUCH the animals....)
Some kids want to be firemen, some want to be teachers, some even VETS:-), but OH, NO my child has BIG goals of ...........working at PetSmart. petting animals all day. yay. i'm so excited i can barely contain myself.

Though I wonder if he will be able to get through the employees manual without a bookmark?

On that note, I'm off to try and get this party thing under some kind of control. Pictures sure to follow sometime this weekend.
Have a GRRRREAT weekend!!

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  • Anonymous

    A party? Is it Ava's Birthday? Well, have fun getting ready. Looking forward to seeing pictures!

  • BethAnne

    Maybe he will be in management at Petsmart......could be lucrative, I suppose....who cares though, if he gets to pet animals who needs a six figure salary? hahhahaha

    Have fun preparing for the party (can i just say I am glad it is you and not me? ;-) Oh the stress of a party (and I think even more for a girl party - it seems like it would be hard to please a bunch of princesses, but what would I know about that????)

  • Jennifer

    How cute! I had to laugh last night when Shelby saw a car that had that car wrap around it advertising a Planet Smoothies. She was so excited and said Mommy I know what car I want now, that one! And pointed right at the Planet Smoothie car. So I asked why and she said because there has to be a smoothie machine in the car and she can have smoothies anytime she wants! ROFL I had to laugh because that is totally my fault since I love smoothies. LOL

    Can't wait to see the pics of Ava's party! Happy Birthday Ava!!!!

  • Stacie

    Thanks for the good laugh!! I could relate because, we just went to a pet store on Wednesday (just looking at puppies, though the kids are more than ready to take on the responsibility of a puppy- so they think!) Anyways...when we were leaving Blake said that he would like to work there when he gets old enough so he could help take of the puppies. He also said that he could probably get one for free, because if you work at the store, you own the store and all the puppies. We then had lesson on being an employee or an employer. I think I burst his bubble!! At that point working there didn't seem as exciting since he won't be getting a free puppy! lol

    Looking forward to pictures of the cowgirl party!!! Happy Birthday Ava!

  • Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique

    Oh Girl you had me laughing out loud!!!!
    Hey look at it this way...at least he has goals :o)

    Happy Birthday to AVA! Hope the cow girl party is fun! I saw the adorable invite on your mom's blog.

    Have a great weekend too.

  • Bunny Chic Boutique

    Oh ~ Heidi!! Can't wait to see the pictures of the Party!! I've gotta see the invite ~ I'm going to hop on over to your Mom's Blog! :)

    I've missed so much when the crazy tree knocked out our Cable/Internet Service!!! I thought I would go insane... and felt like I might need professional help. Then ~ I just read your Blog about when you were without your email, your Blog, etc. Thanks so much for posting about your experience ~ I feel tons better.

    I'm sorry that I've missed so many of your Blog Postings. I even missed Ava's first day of school. Well, I'm glad that you BOTH survived.

    My Daughter wanted to be a Taxi Driver ~ so that she could drive around all day listening to her Tunes!! I won't tell you how old she was when she shared this latest career goal with me. :)

    Enjoy your weekend and especially the Fabulous Party!!

    Bunny Hugs ~


  • Anonymous

    Heidi! You're a classic! I think your boy and mine could possibly start a world-wide pet animal chain of stores... My boy has similar ambitions... Which is better than they were last year when he said he wasn't going to work, that he would just ask his friends to buy him what he needed... Blimey! Thank God I have a few more years to instill in him a 'work ethic'!!!

    Enjoy your baby girl's birthday and party. I look forward to reading about her day and seeing your wonderful pics...