Randomness on CRACK!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008 |

I'm in a huge blogging funk right now....my A.D.D. has finally kicked in on the whole blogging thing, and I have NOTHING interesting to report or comment on. I know you are so totally disappointed! Ha!
So, you know what that means.......time to practice my typing and get my randomness on!

Last night was a kick off for a new Bible study called Church 4 Chicks led by Shelley Hendrix, and intended to reach Atlanta women. It went great, and I am sure that many women are going to be touched by this.
HOWEVER, I may be officially UNinvited for good thanks to the hooligans that I went with. They CONTINUED to get me in trouble...(i was INNOCENTLY caught in the middle of all the shenanigans going on around me......I mean, I was only trying to SAVE HOLLIE'S LIFE by whacking her foot in the middle of prayer due to a GIGANTIC spider crawling up her leg..........it was probably going to bite her and kill her had I not plummeted it first!! I did the ONLY sensible thing!!!!!!.........ummm, like a chain reaction, all 8 of us lifted our legs off the floor, and TRIED to STIFLE our laughing......causing a bit of a disruption....hence the reason we MIGHT not be so welcome back. GEEZ! That's the LAST time I try to save a life!!)
We then hung our heads, walked quietly (or not so....) out, and headed to Starbucks where we planned our 90210 comeback party for next Tuesday!!! YAY! Oh, c'mon, you KNOW you LOVE 90210!! Can't wait!!!!

Ava absolutely ADORES her new school and Teachers. She literally can't wait to get up in the morning and go to school. I am so happy that she is sooo happy. When we get in the car in the mornings, she says to me, "Mommy, I love my new school so much....I want to stay there forever and ever". Now how can you not LOVE that child mentality? It's so precious.

Facebook. Oh boy. Here we go.
So I have been on FB for a few months now, but really never do anything with it. I never even look at my page.Well, all of my friends talk about how "addicted" they are and how they get on FB, and then before they know it, two or three hours have passed. I am like WHAT??? SO, TODAY I officially "try it out"....with a little help from one of my favorite people in the whole wide world STACIE (high school friend in Iowa). WOW!!! My whole day just BLEW up because of it. Surprise surprise....everyone was right!! IT DOES CONSUME YOU!!! Of course I was feeding my stalker addiction quite heavily today.....probably not the BEST of things to do.....but OHHHHHHH SO FUN! Man, you can find out some interesting stuff.
I am going to have to limit my time on there though, or I might as well just pack it up and flush myself down the toilet, because it makes you THAT useless.

Carter and Craig just got home from football both sporting huge grins. I asked what that was all about, and I guess during the scrimmage tonight, Carter played quarterback and scored a touchdown. He's getting pumped up for Saturday's first official game!! Heck, I'M pumped up!!

I mentioned my friend Stacie a few sentences back. Well, I called her today intending on just asking a couple of questions, and ended up talking for almost two hours without even realizing it. MAN, I miss that girl! We had great conversation though that included plenty of laughter and of course taking a few trips down memory lane. ( now THOSE are always fun conversations....oh, the things we remember!!) I can't wait to see her and her whole family in December!!

The missionaries that we went and served with in the Dominican Republic last April are coming to stay with us next week. I must admit I am a bit nervous. I've never had missionaries stay with me before. I love these peeps, but it still makes me nervous. I'll probably in some way or another wind up offending them in a major way. ACTUALLY, I KNOW Craig will end up offending them...I mean, that's a GIVEN. That should take a little pressure off of me at least...ha!ha!ha!

Only a couple more weeks till our MUCH ANTICIPATED beach vacation in Seacrest. I am sooooo ready for some chill time in the sand. I am just hoping that there won't be any hurricanes that week. That would not be good. At all.

Because I have participated in so many giveaways in bloggy world, and even won one, I am going to host my own giveaway in October. It's going to be a GOOD ONE......worth almost $100. It will make a GREAT Christmas gift. MORE on that in the future!! So stay tuned!

Okay, I haven't posted my weekly weight loss like I promised, so here goes. I have only lost one more pound, but, at least it's going DOWN and not up. I fell off the wagon a TINY bit over Ava's birthday party and preparations.....I mean seriously, did you SEE the cupcakes and cookies???? Enuf said on THAT.
I am back to eating tons of brown rice, veggies, fruit, and beans with small amounts of lean meat daily.
The gym?? WELL, I AM going.....I just haven't made a "5 day" week yet, which is my goal. But again, I AM going.
So there you have it. (oh, NICE, as I finish writing this, I smell Craig making PIZZA ROLLS.....WHAT??? He SNEAKS this stuff in the house......he seriously has issues.)
Carrot stick anyone?

I have America's Got Talent on right now, and by the sounds of it, no they don't.

Speaking of TV....did I mention that 90210 is returning to prime time?? Oh, yeah, I did. Well, I'm telling you again in case you might have forgotten already.
How about this? Did you know that there is only 4 more months until AMERICAN IDOL returns? UH HUH!!!

I'm going to smack Craig's dumb little shaved head. He's sitting behind me probably eating an entire bag of pizza rolls. Totally disgusting, but the smell is heavenly. I digress. NO!, Actually I am going back to my SMACKING plan.......I wonder if I can make him choke?

Okay, that's all I got people!! I HAVE to get out of this room! Later!

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  • Bunny Chic Boutique

    Have I told you lately how much I LOVE your Blog? Gosh ~ wish I could come up with a really great post for my Blog exactly like this one .....do you mind if I just copy and paste your posting over to my Blog?

    What's the deal about 90120102 or whatever it's called? Is it really worth watching? I've never seen it... guess I'll tune in on Tuesday and see what everybody is talking about. What about Lipstick Jungle? Is that any good?

    Bunny Hugs ~


  • Jennifer

    Can't wait for 90210! I watch it on SoapNet while cooking dinner. I've missed it now that football and cheer practice is just about every day. :(

    I also can't wait for Brothers & Sisters, Dancing with the Stars (did you see the line up? Check out my blog and it lists all 13 people), and Lipstick Jungle. :) Oh and Tori & Dean..........oh when oh when do they come back on TV??

    LOL Have a great night girlie!

  • Rebekah Kern

    All I can say is I told you so about Facebook!! I can't help it - I love it! Just don't let Pete talk you into twittering!! :o)

    See you!!

  • Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique

    LOL Jayne! You and me both :o)

    Love your Blog Heidi!
    So am I going to loose you as a friend if I admit I have no desire to watch 90210? I know I'm one of the only crazy glas out there. Honestly I've been trying to just not watch TV. Too much to do!
    Hugs! Pop on over I'm hosting a give away this week for Old Red Barn.

  • BethAnne

    Oh the randomness of it all! I love it!
    First of all, Shelley Hendrix is my adopted sister (she used to work for my dad at FBCW and she calls him POPS so that makes us almost like twins) and I will make sure that she does not ban you from other Church 4 Chicks events......even considering your rude spider outburst, I am sure you will be welcomed back. My mama always told me that the kids who talk outloud in church are the ones who need to be there most. ;-) hahahahah

    If I get you back into church with my sister connection, can we just skip the niceties and go ahead and name me winner of your October giveaway worth almost $100???

    Missionaries are used to adverse circumstances and less than perfect conditions....your house will be like a resort to them (even if your hubs opens his mouth and sticks his foot in it).

    I do not have facebook. Why is it soooo fun? I am afraid that some internet stalker will find me and come to my house and chop me up. Please tell me why it is fun and why I need to get on it.....thank you in advance for your insight.

    No one really wants to hear about your upcoming vacation - thank you! hahahaha just kidding - jealousy is an ugly thing.

    90210? I KNOW!!!! I used to watch 90210 and Melrose place faithfully - I just hope this one is as good as the early years of the last one. I might even feel like I am back in high school (and college - that show was on forever!)

    American Idol....4 months is a long time to wait. I think they are getting that new girl to be a judge because America has finally realized that Paula is on crack......this one might add some sense to the judging......

    Okay, thank you for allowing me to write a book in reply to your randomness while at the same time putting off laundry.......

  • PamperingBeki

    Heidi, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!


    I was laughing hysterically over your spider story.

    I'm really thinking I might watch 90210 too! I watch very little tv, but last season I got sucked into Lipstick Jungle. I'm thinking I might get into 90210 too. :)

  • PamperingBeki

    Oh, and someone needs to explain facebook to me because I don't really get it. I have an account there, but the only thing I see is people buying animals to send me, or buying ME. ??? I think I'm too old.

  • Anonymous

    You're too funny! I love it. :)

  • gina

    I LOVE Brothers and Sisters and I'm planning on checking out Jungle Lipstick and I wouldn't DREAM of missing 90210! Bring on FAll!

  • Anonymous

    You are SO funny. I love your ADHD. :)

  • Anonymous

    Just caught up on Ava's birthday pics... WOW! What a party! Love the pink car - classic!

  • ShortOne

    i love 90210 too! i watch the reruns on soapnet. can't wait for american idol - been watching america's got talent, but not so much!

    i am so not a fan of spiders of any size, you so would be my hero for killing it!

  • Ashley Gibson

    Why does the spider story not surprise me? I can picture you, Hollie, Jeannette, and probably Melissa all sitting there with your legs up stifling your laughter and trying to make a get away. I am laughing so hard I am about to wake up my kids. Love ya girl...You are too funny.

  • Sockrma18

    I gotta tell ya...you make me LAUGH. I work at the law firm with your buddy Lisa J. in Des Moines....I am an addicted blogger as well and she gave me your link a while back and I find myself checking your blog everyday looking for the next installment of your funniness. Keep it up!!! Becki