Real Food and Idiocracy

Friday, August 15, 2008 |

Tonight Craig and I had a "date night" after attending a parents meeting at Ava's new school. We entered a restaurant for the first time in ten days. (that's a long time for us....) I behaved and had only what is pictured above, but I can not say the same for Craig. Ha! He has NO will power. He had some kind of gumbo FOR STARTERS, and then proceeded to have jambalaya with two biscuits. Oh, Craig.........obviously you entered a league way above you.....step aside and let the GIRLS do their thing!!
HA! First day off of the detox, and I have sailed through flawlessly thank you very much!!! hee...hee...hee....

Josh and Hannah kept the kids for us tonight. We got home, and after a few games of Mario Kart, Josh and Craig disappeared. At first Hannah and I didn't think that much of it, because, well, they're strange like that. BUT THEN I heard some sort of buzzing sound, and I knew RIGHT AWAY what was going on. "HANNAH, THEY'RE SHAVING THEIR HEADS!!" Hannah had a sheer look of panic on her face, and we both sprinted up the stairs. UH HUH......THAT'S what we found!!!! Two complete IDIOTS shaving and REshaving (Craig) their stupid little heads. Hannah was just as ticked as I was the first time Craig did it, and true to protocol for such idiotic behavior, started calling Josh names!! (well deserving names I might add) COME ON PEOPLE....somebody tell me what in the world is this absurd obsession with stubbly bald heads?? Seriously, they look like they belong to a cult or something. GEEZ!!!!!

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