Lands End Giveaway!

Monday, August 18, 2008 |

Win this LANDS END backpack! Go to Momma In Flip Flops for the details!

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  • BethAnne

    Okay, how do you know about all these fab giveaways? I didnt enter for the backpack because I just bought one for Lake - day late and a dollar short besides I rarely win ANYTHING.

    So, are you still eating nuts and berries? I decided Saturday night (after eating a cookie from the GReat American Cookie Company) that I was only going to eat fruits and veggies for a few days beginning yesterday......then hubs brought home fried chicken for lunch and my plans went out the window....I started today.....we shall see how long it lasts.....have I mentioned that I am lacking in the willpower dept?

  • Jennifer

    Wow, are you the queen of the giveaways or what! LOL

    Hope all is going well. :)