DEtoxinated...(i hope), and BACK at it!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 |

UH HUH!! I haven't graced the doors of a gym since Carter got out of school in May. BUT, with my success on my detox and well on my way to my weight loss goals, I decided that I'd better kick it in high gear and RETURN to the land of working out.
OH BOY.......WOW........YIKES..........Why in the world I thought that I could just "pick up where I left off", is beyond me. I strutted in there like I owned the place only to be reduced to a big pile of sweat and blubber within the first ten minutes. It took EVERYTHING in me to finish my workout and by the time I was finished I was D-U-N done!!
BUT, ,my new gym is ROCKIN'!! If you have a LifeTime Fitness near you, you totally need to check it out, and if you live near me and want to work out together......Come on!! (achem.....DEANNA....achem, achem)
Speaking of my detox, I am thrilled to announce that tonight will close out the detox part of this "journey" I have embarked on. I am also happy to say that I didn't cheat one tiny bit, and did EXACTLY what I was supposed to do. In the last nine days I managed to lose four pounds, to which I am very happy about. Hopefully more pounds down in the weeks to come. I will post my weight loss weekly here on this blog. (hopefully weight loss that is!:-)
So I'm off to lick my wounds right now.....(my whole body feels like a bowl of jello....)
Have a great night!

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  • ShortOne


    I am also inspired - not sure I can do the detox, but I am determined to start my weight loss efforts back up.

  • Scrapper Mom

    Heidi!!!! I found you on facebook. Yea!!! Hey, I'm not doin' any kind of detox, BUT I am a frequent on again, off again weight watchers client. I am planning to start up again possibly when school starts or soon after...Maybe Sept 1st..ha. I am one of those on the 1st kind of gals. ha

    Maybe we can encourage each other!

  • Ashley Gibson

    Congratulations on your loss Heidi. Maybe I can manage to drop a few pounds with you. You are an inspiration. It helps to be held accountable and I will be as you post your journey.

  • Sandy C.

    Congratulations Heidi! 4 pounds in 9 days is a HUGE accomplishment :) Hope you're getting some rest now!

  • Heather

    OK, first you do the detox and don't cheat at all, and now you're working out. You are my hero. Too bad we don't live closer to one another. You could be my good influence!