Dishwasher blues

Monday, February 4, 2008 |

Huh?? WHY the pic?? Well, let me indulge you.

It all started yesterday when we came home from church..... I went upstairs to clean up and make beds because we were having people over to watch the superbowl (btw...who played in the superbowl anyways?)....... While upstairs, I heard the sound of the vaccuum, and I thought to myself, "that's nice, Craig is helping me get ready". .....Should have actually thought that one through, BUT, instead I chose to believe that he was being sweet and helpful. So, I stopped rushing and took my time straightening the upstairs. (because remember, my sweet loving husband was cleaning the downstairs for me!;-).......When I came down the stairs, the picture above is what awaited me in my kitchen!

My husband was bent over the dishwasher butt crack and all, powdered dishwasher soap ALL OVER the floor (and in wet chunks I might add), the door off and in two pieces, screws and bolts scattered about, and electrical wires swaying aimlessly around.

....................ok, time for a quick "flashback" to catch you up to what brought on this horrific disaster.............Last week I asked Craig to get me some dishwasher detergent while he was at the store. I specifically asked for liquid, but of course he brought powdered. In my haste and hurry to get somewhere, I dumped the box of soap in to my dishwasher not noticing the engraved message....LIQUID SOAP ONLY.(in my subconsious, I KNEW there was a reason I asked for liquid!) Anyways, my dishwasher is one of those that you don't have to fill the soap every just stores the soap, and automatically dispences it, I refill the soap about every three months. Hence the reason you can only use liquid.
So, Saturday night when I realized that the dishwasher was definitely not working well, I asked Craig to come take a look. (not that he knows one ding dang thing about them, he truly doesn't even know how to turn it on!) I merely suggested that he unscrew a couple bolts to see if we could get to the chamber that held the soap, and then we could empty it.
To which he replied......."I am not touching that, I don't know anything about these things...we will just have your dad look at it when he comes over tomorrow."
Oh, that did make MUCH more sense. I quickly agreed and not another word was said about it.....................................................ok,now back to where we left off.

Not only were parts, bolts, and electrical wires everywhere, but my mini vac was also plugged in and sitting beside him. Then to my utter and complete HORROR, I figured out what he had been using the vaccuum for!! TO VACCUUM OUT THE WET CHUNKY DISH SOAP OUT OF THE DISHWASHER!!!!!! WHAT???????
Not 24 hours ago he was telling me he was definitely not going to touch the dishwasher since he knew NOTHING about them! What happened in less than 24 hours that would posess him to not only try to VACCUUM out soap, but to tear a high tech machine apart???? AND, to ruin another as well (my vaccuum). This coming from a man who can't hook up a vcr......and who needed me to turn ON the dishwasher for him......!!!!!!
Seriously, I'm booking him a room next to Britney Spears!

Well, guess who was doing dishes last night at 11:00???........................NOT ME!!!!!
There goes the golf trip he wants to go on, because he's going to be buying me a dishwasher! ......and a vaccuum.......and a day at the spa because of the stress I'm enduring due to this.......!

Oh, and btw, the reason I don't have a REAL picture of this whole fiasco, is because at the time I was sooo mad that the last thing I thought about doing was taking pictures. I was actually contemplating whether or not I was strong enough to pick up the dishwasher door and beat him over the head with it!???

YEP, that's pretty much how we roll over here in Zawisza land! Stay tuned!

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