A little personal chef fun!!

Friday, February 1, 2008 |

Last night we celebrated Robin's birthday at her house with a personal chef!! It was soo much fun. There were about 18 girls and the chef. (poor man, he didn't stand a chance!)
He showed us how to make 5 really yummy appetizers, and 2 desserts, one which was the most amazing thing I have EVER tasted! (white chocolate mousse with fresh raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries!)
I asked him if I could PLEASE try out the biggest knife he had, and despite my friends telling him NOT to give it to me, that I was not the type of person you give big knives,......... HE LET ME!!!!!! ha!ha! SUCKER!!
Poor Chad (the chef), he obviously had never met anyone like me before, he didn't know if he should laugh or be afraid........I think he chose the latter. ( I think he also thought that I had been drinking!! ha!) Good news though, no fingers or body parts were lost during my adventure with the knife!
Anyways, great night, great chef, great food, great fun, with great friends! What more could you ask for? Happy birthday Robin! I love you!

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