Last day of winter break!!

Friday, February 22, 2008 |

Here are the kids (and our dog with the jacked up teeth) trying to wait patiently before it was time to go!
Carter has been on winter break this week, and unfortunately we haven't really done anything too exciting. To make matters worse, after last weekends beautiful weather, we have had nothing but cold rainy weather all week!!.......ughhh!
For some crazy reason though, both kids love going to the gym with me and going to the kids club there. ( personally i think Carter has a crush on the teacher!:-) So, that has been the only highlight each day.........going to the gym! ha!ha! (whatever floats their boat!.......again the simple things in life!!!)
Today we decided to go with our bff's to their club to work out. After Robin and I got done with a GRUELING work out (and a mean green smoothie......), we surprised the chillins' with an afternoon at the indoor pool in the club!
They had a ton of fun and I was happy to see that Carter has maintaned his swimming skills!

It took the princess a bit longer to venture in to the water........she wasn't sure about swimming indoors!!
But, alas......she took the plunge!

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