Happy 6th Birthday Drew!!

Monday, June 23, 2008 |

I had to throw this picture in because I think it is so cute. We were walking out of church this morning, and Drew took responsibility for Ava without even being asked (which in and of itself is just PRECIOUS!). Both Ethan and Drew look after Ava as if she were THEIR little sister! We have missed the Dover's TONS over the past three weeks, so it was AWESOME to spend the day with them today.

The kids were totally syked to give Drew his birthday gifts that they had picked out for him at the Lego store in Downtown Disney last week. I hope Drew liked them......the look on his face leaves the mind to wonder.....! ha!ha!ha!
TEN boys and AVA!! ha!ha!.........She didn't care one teeny bit! (but Craig did! He kept a CLOSE daddy eye on her! ha!ha!)

We brought over our water slide for the party, but ten wild Indian boys just can't obey "the rules".......so we only kept it up for an hour! I was tired of being the water slide Nazi!
They only gave little Ava a twig to hit the pinata with! Too funny! And there goes Jeff again with the socks and the slides....TOGETHER!! HOT!!(If you only knew the conversations we have had about this.) Jeff, WHEN will you learn? I'm going to have to call you in again.......you DO remember last time don't you????

Ava practicing her shooting skills..........on her daddy!

Even the adults got a little Indian happy!
Great day!

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