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Thursday, June 26, 2008 |

Just got back from the pool with the kiddos.
Looks like rain maybe soon.
Feeling a bit suffocated, but hope that a date with my hubby tonight will help that.
I can't believe I haven't vacuumed my house in Atlanta in so long....I shutter to think of the yucky floors, and the dust layers.....on everything.......oh, I'm hyperventilating just thinking about it, I MUST get home soon to clean my house.
And regain some normalcy...whatever that is at this point.
Ava has learned how to swim while we have been in Florida the past two weeks, really quite good I might add.
Ready to be home. MY home. MY bed.
Never thought I'd say this, but I miss our dog Lilly.
Can't wait for my date tonight.
I have a really hard time believing that the water was only 4ft 6in at the pool today, because I could barely reach the bottom.
Maybe I'm getting shorter. Is that even possible?
I met a very nice Lady named Barbara today who talked like she had known me for years.
I love those kind of people!
I'm afraid of patio sliding doors.
I love the Lord and He loves me. I'm ready for whatever God has for myself and my family, whatever that might be, wherever that might take us. Been thinking a lot about that lately.
I'm just glad that He has promised to carry me through whatever comes my way.Our way. This brings extreme peace to my heart.
I can't believe I get to go on a date tonight. I wonder what we'll do. My choice no doubt. hmmmm.......
Carter is OBSESSED with Lizards, but you already know that. I hope it's okay that I am letting him catch all these critters around here.
Craig is still at work.....can't wait till tonight. Oh my, I just realized I am thinking about my date every other sentence. WOW! We really need a date! To talk. To reconnect. To laugh. I'm glad Craig is my husband, he is so annoyingly funny. deep down I love it. Shhhh..don't tell him that though! I like to be "irritatingly irritated" with him when he acts up. It works. For us.
People lie. Straight to your face. And then think you are stupid enough to believe them. Sad.
Carter got stung by, well, we don't exactly know WHAT stung him, we never saw anything fly off, but he definitely got stung. It hurt. He cried. A lot. I hurt when my children hurt. I can only imagine the hurt that God feels when we His children are in pain.....
Ava is conked out on the couch right now and has her mouth wide open.....too funny!
Change is good when needed.
We are going to Disney World's Magic Kingdom in the morning. The kids had a choice between Sea World, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and a water park. In the end Mickey won out. I knew he would. Kind of wish we were going to Sea World, but it's been over a year since we have had lunch with Mickey, so I guess it's time we caught up with each other.
I love blogging and the new blogging friends I have made! This a great always changing hobby to have.
I miss my friends. That is my TRUE friends. Not the ones who say they are my friends, and throw knifes at me when I turn my back. OUCH!
Carter is making a journal about his summer travels, and his grandpa is helping him write it right now. Very cute.
I wonder if I turned the alarm on at my house when we left?
My maui babe is starting to feel gross, time to get in the shower.
I wonder when Craig will get here?
Yep! change is good.
God is good.
All the time.

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  • Mel @ A Box of Chocolates

    I love randomness...thanks for sharing. I am a big routine person so by the end of vacation I am kinda ready to go. This is my first time visiting after you left a comment over at my place. Can I just say...your design is so funky and the colors are RAWK!!! I'll be adding you to my reader now!

  • BethAnne

    Wow!!! That WAS random!
    We are going to Disney in July - cannot wait! We are more excited than the kids. Also, I am glad you got a date with YOUR hubs last night - it was our anniversary and we spent it at the t-ball field.....didnt even drive thru McDonalds afterward - we are sooooo sad after nine years. Probably go out to dinner this weekend.
    We are so ready for a vacation around here, I seriously doubt that I would be concerned about the dust in my house if I were in Florida.......actually, I am in my house right now and I am not concerned about the dust....and there is quite a lot of it.
    My dad lives in ATL - his blog is on my sidebar---works at FBCW.

    Anyway, have enjoyed reading your blog....have a nice time and forget about the dust.

  • Jennifer

    So how was the date with hubs? And lunch with Mickey?? I waved at your today, did you see me? I had the pink sun visor on........there I waved again.....see. :)

    Do you mind if I add you to my list of blogs I read?