Home sweet.......oh wait, now I'm somewhere else...!:-)

Sunday, June 15, 2008 |

We just arrived in Orlando, and I am soooooo excited that the hotel has Internet service! YAY!! I have felt 100% lost the last two weeks without my computer and ALL it has to offer! ha!ha! And not being able to blog??? Well, that in and of itself should be a crime!
So, in a nutshell, we left Des Moines early Friday morning, and traveled the ENTIRE day, to arrive back in the ATL at midnight Friday night. Slept till 11:00 Saturday morning, got ready and went Fathers Day shopping, had an eye doctors appointment, and celebrated Fathers Day with my dad and Craig's dad last night for dinner. Got up this morning, went to church, had lunch, and we were back in the car headed for Orlando. WHEW! I am getting exhausted just writing about it!
My trip to Iowa was AMAZING, and I have MANY photos to share........I am going to try and break it down and organize the events........don't know how successful that will be though considering my ADD will be kicking in soon.......but I will try!! I will try and post a few pics now if I can...........
Anyways, I am glad to be back in the blogging world! I will have to catch up with all my blogger friends this week! What have y'all been up to?

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  • Rebekah Kern

    I missed seeing you at church this morning, and you were definitely missed last week for VBS! Glad you all made it out of the flood all right. I haven't had time to blog lately either, but plan to catch up this week, if I can! Have fun in FL!