Iowa phase 2

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 |

So let me first say that the Internet "gods" are against me this summer!! We had just arrived here in Orlando Sunday night, I had Internet again, and by Monday afternoon lightning had struck our hotel and knocked out the Internet until just now!!!! UUGGHHHHHH!
Having said that, I will continue with my Iowa blogging.

After we left the farm, we drove to Des Moines and my mom and I went our separate ways. The kids and me went to my friend Lisa's house.
Lisa and I have been friends for over fifteen years..........I can't believe that it has been that long. We have been on MANY vacations and cruises together, and have traveled to both the West and East coast with each other. Wow! Time flies!! The most important thing is that our friendship has stood the test of time, and I am very thankful for her and all the memories we have!! Love ya orange crush! And thanks for housing my crew! Now it's your turn to come see me!

Ok, what is this you might ask? It is Lisa with her shop vac sucking up water in her basement! Twelve hours prior to this, Lisa had just told me that she was glad that her house had never experienced any water in the basement, and was pretty sure that they wouldn't have to worry about that!! OOPS! She was WRONG!! On Sunday morning Carter went into the room that the water was coming in at and asked if the dogs had peed on the floor. Umm, she probably wishes that was the case. Unfortunately her husband had to spend the day vacuuming and moving furniture around, finally resulting in a hole being drilled in the floor to drain the water. What a mess!!
Ava LOVES curlers! (okay, okay, I am the one that loves curlers, but in my defense, she wears them proudly and never complains! ha!)

Okay, maybe she complains.........a little!!

Before the flooding started Saturday night, we went downtown Des Moines to the farmers market. The streets were so cute with all the flowers and the barrels they were in. A few days later this area was completely under water. Very sad.

We were able to hit the pool once while we were in Iowa......Lisa's mom has a pool in her backyard, and the kids had a blast in it.

Carter always obsessed with birds, lifts Ava up to see the baby birds in the birdhouse.

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  • Ivette Falcon

    Glad to see some pics, finally - yeah!! Glad you're home safely... and no offense, but did you CAUSE that flooding in Iowa? It's quite a coincidence that you guys were there and the whole state goes under water!! :) Hugs!!