Happy Birthday Judi!

Sunday, June 22, 2008 |

Tonight we celebrated my mother in law's birthday. The kids were very excited to give her the gifts that they picked out. Carter especially, who gave her a book about birds. They both LOVE birds and love to watch them on our bird feeders! Judi loves to teach Carter about birds, and Carter LOVES to learn about them!
I finally put to use an ice cream sundae platter that I had bought last year. It was so fun, and the kids got a kick out of scooping their own toppings! (the middle container had hot fudge in it! yummo!)
Unfortunately I wasn't able to make one of my cakes (they take anywhere from seven to ten hours), but this yummy one from Publix was just fine!! She loved it anyways!
So a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Judi! We love you! (and get ready for next week.....cause I'm walkin' down easy street since the kids will only want to be with you! ha!ha!)

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