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Monday, June 2, 2008 |

We are officially living the farm life..........and LOVING IT!!! Due to the AMAZINGLY SLOW very virus infected computer that my grandparents have, I am lucky to even be able to blog for a minute. (it took me an hour just to get my blog to come up......no joke!) So, that obviously means no pictures can be uploaded until I get to Des Moines later this week! But, OH MY when I do get to finally upload my pics..........JUST WAIT!! I am in a photographers paradise!

Carter and Ava are having the time of their lives! Currently Carter is out driving the "bobcat" tractor with my grandpa. Carter is in hog heaven here. My poor grandpa is not going to be able to rest until we leave. (but, I KNOW he loves having Carter follow him around)
Yesterday we were trying to tell Carter that it was time to go inside, and he said "I want to stay out here and play with Grandpa!" When he said that, tears came to my eyes because how awesome is that?? My six year old who up to this point obviously knows nothing but beaches and "water related" vacations, is having the time of his life .....on a farm......with his great grandfather!!!!...........AND HE HASN'T MENTIONED THE BEACH OR POOL SINCE WE ARRIVED!!!! (that in and of itself is a miracle)
Ava is just as excited and having the time of her life as well! When I am finally able to post pictures, you will see that!

I can't BELIEVE that I haven't done this before now. This will NOT be the last time we come here. I am so fortunate to have both sets of my grandparents still alive, and my children NEED to make these memories with them! (next stop? Pennysylvnia, where my other set of grandparents have another farm.......sometime during the next school year, during one of Carter's breaks)

Ya know the movies where the children are frolicking (seriously who uses the word "frolicking"???.........well, you WOULD if you came here!), in rolling grassy hills, drinking lemonade, running around in the yard with the dog, laughing nonstop, all the while sharing secrets and giggling, never erasing the smile off their face?? I seriusly tell the truth when I say this: THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE!!! The pure and utter joy my children are displaying is PRICELESS.

For me, the beauty is DIVINE! I lived here for most of my life and never appreciated the beauty right under my nose. The sky is smog free and the colors are MAGNIFICENT! The blooms are gorgeous, the corn fields and bean fields are beyond words......I just know that my pictures will NOT due this land justice, but I am going to try and capture what I can.

Needless to say, it would be a GROSS understatement to say I was having anything less than a fabulous time! I wish my hubby was here with me, but my mom and I are having th BEST experience together!
I can't wait to be able to post pictures.......bu until then my boring writing will have to do!

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  • Julie

    Heidi, your writing is ANYTHING but boring!!!! You are gifted, girl!!! And did you say, "next stop Pittsburgh??????" Be still my heart!!!!! Seriously......just can't wait for that trip!!!! :-) Lookin' forward to those pictures! Have fun!

    Love you all,
    Aunt Julie

  • Anonymous

    Is this HEAVEN???? NO! IT's IOWA!!!!!

    You can always move back!

  • Stacie

    Wondering why you ever left this beautiful place!! And people probably laughed when you told them you were coming to Iowa!! When ARE you moving back...? :) JK Can't wait for next week!! Don't know if Carter will have has much fun on our "retired" farm, but we will make it as adventurous has possible!!! Blake and Payton are counting down the days...me too! :) Love you girlfriend!!! Thanks again for your call the other night! Hearing about your day and hearing your laugh was priceless!! Se you SOON!!!