Wednesday, June 18, 2008 |

We have been in Orlando with Craig this week and doing nothing but sleeping and swimming. (well, me and the kids anyway...poor Craig has to work!) Although it's nice to finally be able to travel with Craig (we normally can't come because of school), I am getting a little restless in our little hotel room. I'm pretty sure the walls are closing in on me by the minute. However my sister in law Hollie called me tonight with a VERY nice surprise that just might help me make it through the next two weeks! Thanks a ton Hollie!
Oh, and yes, you heard me......I will be coming home for the weekend, only to return to Orlando Monday for another week and a half!! OH MY!!! I miss my home!
Tomorrow Craig took the day off and we are taking the kids to Universal/Islands of adventure, so hopefully that will get rid of the restless bug.
Anyways, friends, I would LOVE to hear from you......so email me or call!! I miss all of you!
Carter is OBSESSED with catching lizzards! GROSS!

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