I belong on a funny farm!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 |

This no picture thing is making me CRAZY!! I have had three full days now in a photographer's heaven, and I can't even show any on my blog!! Hmmpphhh!
But, we are still having a fabulous time and Carter and Ava are in their own little world!
Today we took a drive "to town" (farmer lingo) so that my grandparents could vote. While they were voting the "noon" siren went off scaring us half to death! After reassuring my children that it was NOT a tornado siren, Carter then wanted to know why the town didn't have clocks and needed sirens instead! ha!ha! (he was not too happy about our laughing at him since he sincerely wanted to know the answer!)
Oh well, just thought I'd say hi and tell one of our MANY funnies!! TTYL!
(BTW........my mom is being OBNOXIOUS with my children and getting them into all SORTS of trouble around here........now why in the world couldn't she be like that with me and Pete when we were little and were in constant trouble when we were here??.......hmmmmm......)

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