WE are so happy WE found a WII.....it just makes me want to shout WHEE!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008 |

Here's a "Heidi wants Heidi gets" moment for ya....... Carter is turning seven in less than a month, and he wants a Nintendo Wii for his birthday. Well, as EVERYONE knows, they are still somewhat hard to find. Last week I called my "dealer" a.k.a. RYAN, and had him start the search for me. A couple of days ago he called and had found one on eBay, but I would have to pay about $50 more than the normal price. WHAT?? NO WAY HOSEA! So I told him to hold off a couple weeks since we had a little time. GREAT decision, because he emailed me yesterday with the news that Target was getting a shipment Sunday morning, and would be available at 8:00am. AWESOME!
Now, my only dilemma was, how was I going to get Craig to agree to go stand in line for one?
When I first presented the idea to him, he was like,"you're kidding right? you don't actually expect me to get up early to do this do you?" The look on my face must have said it all, because his only comment was "oh, GEEZ!" (c'mon! I COULDN'T have gone, I had to get ready for church!!!!!) He was out the door by 7:30. (and a good thing too, because he was one of the last to get one!)
Needless to say, Carter is now getting his wish for his birthday! Thanks babe for BRAVING the ferocious lines and snatching the loot!! You ROCK!
( I must add that he was quite proud of himself too. I caught him telling at least three different people today the story about the line and the "crazies" in the line. Then I heard him asking Carter what he wanted for his birthday, with a VERY satisfying, I'm the best dad EVER smirk on his face as Carter answered without hesitation, "a WII".)

So now I just need to find the game Mario Kart! Any suggestions?

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