Final phase of our Iowa trip

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 |

We ended our trip at my friend Stacie's house. Stacie and her brother Brian are friends of mine from high school. I have story after story I could tell that involve this family, but the bottom line is that they are LIFE LONG friends of mine and no matter what we will always be close.
I had an AMAZING time reconnecting and watching our children play together. The kids bonded with each other within minutes, and were COMPLETELY inseparable for the three days that we were there.
I have not spent actual quality time with Stacie or Brian in over ten years, yet the second we saw each other it was like we had never been apart. Now that's true friendship at its finest!!
Their mom Sandie was my cheerleading coach and through that and the fact that I was ALWAYS at their house, she became just as close to me as her kids were. So it was AWESOME to see and spend time with her and her husband Craig too!! (and BTW....EVERYONE loves Craig!!!! He's AWESOME! Just a big teddy bear! I love you Craig!!)
Anyways, these are some of my favorite peeps in the whole world!! We had an incredibly awesome time, and I was VERY sad to say goodbye. (so sad that I invited myself on their family vacation in December to Disney World!! ha! Seriously.....i told Craig (my Craig) to schedule a business trip in Orlando that week so that i could see them when they come! ha!ha!)
See y'all in December! I love you Patterson clan!!
Brian,me, and Stacie with our kiddos acting silly.
Me and Stacie...
Mom and Pop Patterson Craig and Sandie.....
Sandie and our girls....
Me and Bri Bri

Carter and Blake..... Crazy girls! Ava, Payton, and Kennady
Carter George and Carter Brian (as we had to call them while they were together)
All the kiddos from oldest to youngest....
While I was staying with Stacie, we were able to have a girls night with some more friends from high school/college roomies of mine! It was AWESOME to see these girls, and again reconnect and reminisce with them too. Sadly we were missing one person who I really wanted to see, and she was originally planning on coming........but she couldn't make it because she was GIVING BIRTH instead!! .......Hmmppphh! Do you think you could come up with a better excuse next time Karla??.........................JK!!!! Congratulations on your new baby girl! I'll definitely see ya next time! There's NOTHING like high school friends, or at least my high school friends. I love these peeps tons as well!!!!!!


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  • patt5

    Those are some darn cute kids! Loved being with you and seeing the kiddos have so much fun together, can't wait to see you in December at Mickey's! :)


  • Stacie

    I smiled the WHOLE time I looked through "our time together". I now have tears in my eyes, because I miss you, Carter and Ava so much!! The time went way to fast...but at least we have December to look forward to....can't wait! And then...I promise we will plan a trip to Atlanta next year...if Bruce lets me take the kiddos on the road alone! Love you so much and miss you...