Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

Thursday, June 19, 2008 |

Today we had a really fun time at the Universal theme parks. It was a beautiful sunny day with just a little rain at the end of the day. As we were leaving the park, the rainbow below is what followed us out. It was SOOO beautiful! There is absolutely NOTHING that compares to the beauty of God's handiwork! What a perfect ending to a perfect day. I love my family and the life that God has so amazingly blessed us with. Our time together today was awesome! I have a "Craig" story to tell......but I HAVE to go to bed right now because I am D-U-N DONE!!!! But, let's just say that "to know Craig, is to LOVE Craig"...............I will expand later...........and trust me....you DON'T want to miss this one! ha!ha!
a rainbow always reminds me of God's promises...............

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  • Ivette Falcon

    GREAT pics!! Where are you staying? I can't believe how long you've been away from home!!! Take care, drive safely, and come home soon! Oh - we're heading out of town this weekend to the beach so hopefully we'll catch up when we are all back in town. Love ya!