My Grandpa's farm......

Sunday, June 15, 2008 |

There's a deer in the background! My grandma and grandpa with the kiddos!

The house above is the house that my grandpa was born in (actually INSIDE the house, I might add..), and the house that my mom grew up in. It still sits on my grandpa's property, I just don't think he can bear to tear it down. I actually remember when I was little coming here and being in the house. They built another house right next to this one when I was in elementary school, and is the house they still live in.

In the right hand corner, on the top of the hill is a bull! This is my grandfather's crops! (he doesn't actually farm anymore, he rents his land, but he still owns this beautiful land!)
Buster the dog!
Dandelions............I miss them. I know they are technically weeds, but they were so fun to pick and blow on when we were kids, and I am glad that my kids were able to have fun with them on the farm.

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