Saying goodbye is never an easy thing.......

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 |

Well, tomorrow we will have to say goodbye and to tell you the truth, I am dreading it! Yesterday Carter came running out of the room he is staying in, and with sheer panic in his voice, he wanted to know WHY I was packing his suitcase. (I guess the lid fell shut and he thought I was packing to leave). I told him that it must have been an accident, that we weren't leaving yet. To which he replied "thank goodness!".

This morning Ava came in and asked me "mommy, how many YEARS have we been here?" I laughed and just said "three". I then asked her how many years she would like to stay, and she said "lots and lots".

Uh oh, I am in some major trouble here! It never occurred to me to give my children a run down of the schedule we had planned for Iowa. (due to the NON understanding abundance of questions I would receive)......(you DO remember the trip here.....and the COMPLETE and UTTER state of confusion my children were in don't you?) I never really told them how many days we were going to be at my grandparents..............Anyways, how I am even going to get them out the door tomorrow is beyond me! It is going to break my heart.

Carter LITERALLY gets up at the crack of dawn to help my grandpa (do what? I have NO idea....I think my grandpa is just "making up" chores for him to do), and he is permanently attached to him for the rest of the day. When asked what his favorite thing to do on the farm was.....he said, "PLAYING with grandpa". Seriously, my eyes are welling up with tears just writing this. When he said it, EVERYONE got choked up! ha!

I am VERY excited to get to Des Moines and begin my adventure there with my bestest friends of all time, but I have to get through tomorrow first! YIKES!

Until Des Moines.......tootaloo!

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  • Anonymous

    It is awesome that your kiddos have these great memories and photos to always treasure their "time on the farm" with their great grandparents! Good-byes are NEVER easy, so just move on back to good 'ole DSM and ten they can head to the farm every weekend!

    Phil Herrick

  • Ivette Falcon

    How sweet and wonderful that your kids are having an awesome time with your grandparents. Isn't it wonderful to see them embrace their "roots"?!! You Go Girl!! Have a great time on Week 2 of your trip!

    Love ya!

  • Leigh Ann

    Best of luck to you. How sweet the kids are having such a great time.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I haven't seen a post in a few days, and I am starting to worry, with all the crazy weather out there. You all ok? Looking forward to hanging out when you get back!