Craig and the CORN STARCH

Friday, June 20, 2008 |

So here's the Craigster at his finest..........
On Wednesday night after dinner we had to stop at Publix for..........CORN STARCH! Why? Well, I am still not completely clear as to how this all goes down but here's the long and short of it. Apparently corn starch helps to keep legs (and other parts) from getting that sweaty rug burn feeling when you are ...........well,.....sweaty!
So of course Craig uses this "vice" every time he knows he will be somewhere all day out in the heat. Theme parks being a "sure" place to need the corn starch! (oh, the boxes we have gone through......)
Anyways, yesterday we get to Universal, and Craig hands me this HUGE can of corn starch to carry into the park. Ummmm, I don't think so BUB! I asked him why in the world he wanted ME to carry it in, and he said because he would feel stupid! OH, OKAY, I WOULD FEEL COMPLETELY NORMAL AND NON STUPID CARRYING A BUCKET OF CORN STARCH IN!!! DUH!!
Obviously, that wasn't happening, so Craig went with plan B.
He waited until the people next to us had gotten out of their car and were well on their way. Then he got out of the car leaving the door open to "hide" him, and proceeded to dump MASSIVE amounts of corn starch down his PANTS!!!!! ha!ha!ha!ha!
When we finally were allowed out of the car, I followed behind him, and I AM TOTALLY NOT JOKING when I say this....corn starch was POURING out of his shorts as he walked, leaving a trail of white powder down his leg and on the ground! His shoes were completely WHITE! I was laughing so hard and he was getting mad because I was drawing attention to it!! Once, again, OH OKAY, I'm sure everyone else was just BLIND to it before I started laughing!!!
(he said my laugh in and of itself attracts too much attention.......I have NO idea what he is talking about!)
We got to the ticket booth, and they needed to get our fingerprints (which btw was somewhat weird.....oh well.....), when Craig put his finger down, it wouldn't register! The girl had to wipe off the corn starch, and then Craig's finger!!! VERY FUNNY!!!!!
(for being such a PICTURE FREAK, I can't BELIEVE I didn't get my camera out for this, I guess I was too busy laughing.......well HELLO! it was SO FUNNY!)
Unfortunately this is a completely normal thing for Craig! He couldn't figure out why I wouldn't stop laughing at such a NON funny thing!
I mean seriously, who packs for their vacations with CORN STARCH being a "must have"???
Like I said before..."to KNOW Craig is to love Craig"...............

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  • Sandi Hixson

    OMG! that is hysterical beyond hysterical...........good thing he had his light colored shorts on!........i bet people wondered why a little "cloud" was continually following him around....

  • Anonymous

    OK......Tell Craig next time to put the corn starch in a back pack and feed it through a tube to "where it needs to go"!That way he won't need to dump the whole box at one time and can be comfortable all day.

  • Stacie

    Seriously...I am have tears rolling down my face...I cannot stop laughing! I can't wait to get to know Craig better! What a hoot! I will follow the trail of cornstarch to find you guys at Disney! ;)
    Love you..and thanks for the laugh!