Wet Field Trip

Wednesday, October 8, 2008 |

Today I went with Ava to her very first field trip. The only problem was that it was a rain or shine OUTDOOR event, and well, don't ya know it rained the entire day!!! We were both DRENCHED by the time it was over! I feel REALLY bad complaining about the rain because we need it SOOOOOO much, but it made the day incredibly cold and miserable. On the upside though, we were able to wear "fall" clothes for the first time this year! But, back to the downside again, it's going to be almost 80 degrees tomorrow.....uugghhh, I am ready for cool weather PERMANENTLY!!! And I am SICK of summer clothing! Okay, that's enough complaining. I'll move on.
We went to a YMCA camp that "reenacts" colonial times teaching the kids what kids in that era did during the day, ate, did for fun, etc..... They were able to make these puppets, though I have NO idea what they had to do with Colonial times......I must have missed that part in the discussion. I was probably too busy trying to find my phone and shut it off after it started blaring Leona Lewis Bleeding Love right in the middle of a demonstration. OOPS! .........Though that was better than me ACCIDENTALLY breaking an "artifact" toy from that era!! In my defense one of the kids had knocked over the sign that said DO NOT TOUCH OR HANDLE, therefore I thought it was a free for all on the whole toy thing. Let's just say, the colonial "MA" wasn't too happy with me, she really takes her job seriously I tell ya! I don't expect to be getting any requests from the school to chaperone any future field trips....... Oh well that's just par for the course. For some reason I'm not that great handling responsibilities with my children's school activities.......read what I did at Carter's school here.

Is ANYONE else a magnet for disaster?? I'm begining to think that there is something wrong with me......PLEASE tell me you do these crazy things as well!!!! P.L.E.A.S.E?????? (oh, and ps. I'm pretty sure the bible says it's okay to LIE in these types of situations.....I'ts in Hosea or the Revelations or one of those hardly ever read books......)

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  • Anonymous

    Oh, Luv! We all do stupid things. You just have a really splendid way of writing about yours and what's even better is that you are happy to share about them. That's the only difference between you and most of us... we don't write about ours, because we're too embarrassed maybe, and more-than-likely because our stupid thing is more stupider than yours... Does that make you feel better??? We all love ya for who you are - the funniest al la naturale blogger I've come across. Hope you don't get sneezy after your wet day... Love the pics of your beautiful little girl...

  • BethAnne

    Wel,, let's see, I just spilled ceral in my keyboard - does that count? And unlike you I am not ready to give up my shorts for sweats (although I have worn jeans for the past week now - ugh). It's a shame that children who visit that place in the future will miss out on the historical significance of the past because you broke those things.....makes me sad. hahahahahhahaa I am sure they have some more ancient artifacts (ie cheap renditions of old stuff) laying around somewhere - dont feel too bad about it.

  • Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family)

    I feel like I have the "weird things always happen to me" curse. Lately I have been so much better, but I still have reocurrances!

    On time I caused a fire in my stove! I put sausage links on a cookie sheet and when all the grease rolled off it started a fire...The fire department came and everything! I was so embarassed! Josh still won't let me live that one down!

    I am glad you share your stories because the way you write them ALWAYS makes me laugh! Thanks!

  • Sandi Hixson

    your comments are almost as funny as you are.........love Naomi's especially!

  • Anonymous

    My daughters class has their first field trip in a few weeks. I can't wait to chaperone. Is that a mom comment or what!! :)

    PS- I am ready for fall clothes, too.

  • Lindsay-ann

    You are so funny. I do stupid things too, I think we all do but just don't admit them. I once got paranoid about doing the grocery shopping because everytime I went something happened to me! One week I went and knocked a whole box of melons off the shelf. Twenty or so melons rolled in every direction. People were steering their shopping trolleys all over the place to avoid them and NOBODY helped me pick them up. I was so embarrased! Then the following week I placed a plastic bottle of lemonade on the checkout and suddenly there was a fountain of lemonade shooting 6 foot in the air. People were chasing around trying to tie the bottle up in a plastic bag before it exploded! That too was so embarrasing! The following week I picked up a box of eggs and all six eggs slipped out and smashed on the floor. I started to go to a different store then because I was too embarrased to go back.
    Your daughter is beautiful. I hope you didn't embarras her too much!

  • alliekat

    Oh I have had some doozies! One time, in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive baby (no joke), I was in a very expensive store of course. My friend and I were pretending to shop since we couldn't afford to even pay attention in the store, when we noticed that there were some sample lotions near the checkout counter. We non-chalantly walked up and smelled the scent, discussed it a moment, my friend put some on her hands and rubbed it in, then I went to "squirt" some in my hand and the lotion SHOT out of the bottle all over the front of me and the floor. Needless to say, we moved pretty quickly out of that store. The clerk was not very happy with me either!

  • Farm Fresh Jessica

    oh you poor thing. It probably doesn't make you feel any better to know I've already made two gigantic messes this morning...

    That B&W pic is GORGEOUS!

  • Anonymous

    hI, Thanks for looking at my blog. Your children are beautiful and you take great pictures!! I enjoy looking at your blog, hopefully mine will get up and going like yours soon. Enjoy your weekend. Jessica