I've been book tagged!

Sunday, October 19, 2008 |

My new friend Susie from Sincerely Susie Homemaker book tagged me! The rules of the game are easy. Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 56, start with the 5th sentence, and post 2-5 paragraphs.

Okay, I want to play fair, but was VERY tempted to cheat when I opened the book closest to me and read page 56. Leave it to me to have this stupid book beside me. I have to report that I am not actually READING this book..... My mother in law apparently was cleaning out her house, and came across some self help books on parenting to which she gave Craig(hhmmmmmmm.....moving on here....:0). I obviously haven't had the time to go through them and TOSS them yet......and this stupid one written in 1972 happened to be right beside my laptop when I received Susie's tag!!!......so...........here is page 56:

I have seen cases where male youngsters trained this way become sexually impotent later in life. I think they have become unconsciously accustomed to an external cue,passively offered,to start some internal mechanism of bodily control. these men always expected some external signal to set off a physiologic response. They do not expect to have to exert any effort. Since the same external apparatus is involved in sex as in bladder relief, it is understandable how conditioning urinary functions to a bell can in some way establish a need for some external cue to initiate sex activity. But in spite of my curiosity over the cause of the sexual problem in such men, and the clinical evidence I have just described, I have never prescribed a bell to cure impotence.

Okay this book is sooo disturbing in sooooo many ways. This particular chapter was on potty training. POTTY TRAINING? Because it didn't feel like that was what I was reading about AT ALL!! What kind of BELL is he talking about to cure impotence or to initiate sexual activity anyways? And what IN THE WORLD does that have to do with potty training?(oh how my mind is wandering right about now......I wonder what Craig would do if I started ringing a bell when we went to bed........."honey, the BOOK your MOM gave me said that if I ring a bell you would.............")
Yeah, this book will be in the garbage by the time you read this. Oh, and I get EXTRA CREDIT points for playing FAIR!!!! You can see why I sooooo should have cheated!

Okay, now I have to tag five people to play the game! I choose:

1) Danielle
2) Angela
3) Lindsay Ann
4) Heidi
5) Sandi

Y'all play fair now!!!

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