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Hello! I feel very out of touch with bloggy world....for some reason I can't seem to catch my breath this week!! I can't figure out why I am so "out of it". (I mean obviously more than the norm here....obviously.) But, I have a lot of catching up to do, so here we go.

I have been awarded two bloggy awards over the weekend, so I will now gratefully and excitedly accept them and pass them on. The first award I recieved from my new friend Lindsay Ann in England. It's a FUN award too!! A BFF one!!! YAY! Anything that involves BFF's has got to be great, and this is a blogging BFF award!! Thanks so much Lindsay Ann!
The rules of this award are to pass it along to five other bloggers. Four of the recipients should be dedicated followers of your blog and one should be a "newbie" if at all possible. Here are my blogging BFF award choices:

1) Beki (this one is the obvious one since we have already named ourselves BFF blogging buddies!)

2) Tonda

3) Jennifer

4) Terri

5) and NEWBIE.... Susie!

Thanks again Lindsay Ann and thanks to my nominations for being such funny/fun/sweet/encouraging and wonderful commenters and bloggy friends!! (though I should say that while the rules only allow five, I could name thirty!!!!!!!!, so thank you to ALL who are so sweet and fun here!!)

The SECOND award I received from my friend Danielle who was one of my first REAL blogging buddies. (by real I mean that I met her through bloggy world, unlike my original readers who were all my friends here in the ATL!....and to think I used to make fun of people who "met online".....HA!) Anyways, Thanks Danielle for the sweet award!!

This award requires you to name six things that make you happy! The six things I will choose are:

1) My children (duh....but hey, THEY DO!)

2) My husband (duh again....but c'mon, how can I NOT be happy with someone who makes me laugh all the time? Okay, okay, so I'm not really laughing WITH him, more of AT him, but I'm HAPPY when I'm doing it!! ha!ha!.....I mean, you DO read this blog don't you? Enuf said.)

3) Fall weather. It's by far my favorite season of the year. Unfortunately here in Georgia we get very little of it, but what we get I cherish....and you will see that here on this BLOG if we ever GET Fall this year......which is looking highly unlikely right now in our eighty degree weather!!.....aarrgghhhhh......

4) When I make it through a workout session at the gym without tripping/falling/knocking over equipment/splitting my pants/dropping weights/losing my water bottle/SPILLING my water bottle/banging my head/throwing up/"tooting"/forgetting eye makeup remover/shampoo/underwear/hitting someone in the head while attempting to do a fly with free weights/or falling down the stairs AFTER I am finished. Okay, so I have never actually made it through a session without one or ALL happening, BUT IF I DID, THAT would make me VERY happy.

5) Milk Duds. Which speaking of, I am on major restriction from right now, so once again, this is a "what WOULD make me happy" thing......

6) last but definitely not least on the list today is YOU!! I love my bloggy friends and all of the sweet and fun comments and emails I receive daily from you!!!! You make me HAPPY!!!

To keep the award moving, I will chose six of my favorites (again though I have MANY favorites the rules only allow six!) Here are my choices:

1) Gina

2) Dana

3) Bethanne

4) Connie

5) girl

6) Jayne

Thanks for the awards girls!! It was fun!

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