Single and NOT loving it!

Friday, October 3, 2008 | I have been a little sporadic this week with the whole blogging thing, and now I can tell you why. I have been single moming it all week! Craig has to travel for his job, and this was his week to be in Orlando. He has been gone since last Saturday thus leaving me to do EVERYTHING!! (waa waa waa.....I know I know....) The reason I haven't mentioned it before tonight is that I am always a little skeptical about putting on the Internet the fact that I am home alone. You know in case some crazy decides to drop by for the heck of it. (just know Mr. Crazy that I have a VERY good alarm system, and a VERY ferocious dog!!!! B.E.W.A.R.E.)

So in doing EVERYTHING, that also meant taking Carter to his impromptu weigh in tonight for football. WEIGH IN??? huh?? Seven year old weigh in? You have to be kidding me! Nope I'm not. They have to weigh in every once in a while to make sure they are "eligible to play according to the guidelines". Seems WAAAAAAY over the top to me, but what do I know? I feel sorry for the kid who had one too many donuts this week and missed weight by a pound or two.

While I was sitting there waiting, the team mom started handing out the team pictures that had been taken a few weeks ago. When she got to the end of the pile and had not yet given me a package, she looked at me and said "Heidi, they must have made a mistake and not sent Carter's" OH, NO, that wasn't the case. I then replied, "Oh, don't worry, Craig didn't order any" "why?" she asked. (uummm, because he would lose his head in a bucket if I wasn't there to tell him to take it off)...I mean "because Craig had a slight memory malfunction, and apparently when he got to picture day and realized he had forgotten the checkbook, he forgot how to drive the five minutes home to retrieve it, he forgot my cell phone number to ask me to bring it to him, and he forgot to tell me about picture day when he got home so that I might have been able to still get some ordered. Any more questions?" Not really.

I do PRETTY good when Craig goes out of town. I mean I have to admit that I am spoiled. Craig gets up every morning with Carter, dresses him, feeds him and takes him to school. Ava and I get to sleep until eight, and then we get up and I get her to school.
I am NOT a morning person. Not by a long shot. Therefore I have a bad habit of saying the wrong thing every time Craig tells me he has to go out of town. Like "oh crap, that means I have to get up in the mornings this week" when what I'm REALLY trying to say is "oh, honey, I will miss you soooooo much...hurry back my little pookie pooooooooo".......
So, being that I am NOT a morning person (just had to throw that in there again for the IMPORTANCE of it ...wink wink...), I should be excused for a few minor mishaps that might have happened in those wee morning hours this week. Like Wednesday morning. We were rushing around like we did every morning this week when I pulled out of the garage and thought something had gone terribly wrong. I couldn't see anything! Everything was blurry.
Panic immediately set in. I mean here I am all by myself, sitting in our driveway, hubs is in Florida, and I'm losing my eyesight faster than a speeding train. I tried to stay calm for the kids, but my throat was closing in on me due to the sheer panic I was experiencing. ( I swear I saw white lights and heard trumpets blowing) "CARTER, I think I need you to call 911, mommy can't see anything!" Carter who is normally my panic dramatic child (yeah, he must get that from his dad:), looked at me like I was insane, and said "do you want me to go back in and get your glasses?"
It was a good thing that Craig didn't come home to an emergency room bill because of my sleepy dramatic ways..............again.

And Finally...

UH HUH, UH HUH, THIS is what Ava brought home from school yesterday. I will HIGHLY encourage her to remember these three IMPORTANT words. You never know when they might come in handy!! Like the time........... (if you have no idea what I am talking about, you can read about "the time" here.)

Have a great weekend and don't forget to enter my giveaway here!! The contest is open until October 1oth!

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