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Thursday, September 25, 2008 |

My friend Tonda from Reflections of an Everyday Life tagged me, so I will of course play along!
The rules of the tag are as follows:
1.Post the rules on your blog.
2.Write six random things about yourself.
3.Tag six people at the end of your post.
4. If you are tagged, JUST DO IT, and pass the tag along.

So here are my six random things that you might not know about me:

1. I was in a car accident here in Atlanta about ten years ago. I was STOPPED on Barrett Parkway in the left turning lane at a red light, when all of a sudden I thought a gun went off when my air bag blew up in my face knocking my glasses off and splattering me with black "coal dust stuff". I had NO IDEA what was happening! In that split second I thought I had either been shot at, or my car was on fire, so I did the only thing I could think to do..........STOP, DROP, and ROLL. I threw open the door of my car and proceeded to ROLL on the grassy median. When I realized that none of my body parts were burning, I tried to collect my thoughts and stand up. By the time I stood up, looked at my white shirt covered in black soot and now grass stains, then finally surveying my surroundings, the "other members" of the apparent car accident that I had caused were out of their cars just staring at me!
APPARENTLY I must have seen the light turn green and GUNNED it before waiting my turn in line , causing a three car accident. OOPS! (I seriously have no recollection of that actual moment.)
Here's the real winner of the story, Obviously, if we were stopped at a light and within seconds a car accident has occurred, you know it couldn't have been at high speeds right?
So the damage would be minimal right? Well, IT WAS......for the other two cars. Bumper fender benders that's it (well, that and the girl in front of me who said she had whiplash.....oh, BAHUMBUG....whiplash??). However, MY CAR??? Totalled. Totally. NEVER to be driven again. The entire front end was smashed in.
So there I was without my glasses, LOOKING though I had been in a high speed chase that had ended with my expulsion from the car and harsh landing in a coal mine/grassy meadow, and I was the ONLY one that even halfway resembled an accident victim. EVEN THOUGH two cars and three other people had been involved. (who btw SHOULD have put their childhood training to use and stopped, dropped and rolled with me....but whatever!)
SEE??? I'm a MAGNET for ridiculous chaos. Always have been, apparently always will be...

2. I LOOOOOOOOVE to laugh!! As stated on my sidebar, it is seriously my favorite thing to do. (good thing huh? there's A lOT to laugh about in my life:) Well, God has a serious sense of humor, because the number one thing I love to do, he created in me, and let me tell you....my laugh is OBNOXIOUS!! I prefer to think of it as INFECTIOUS rather than OBNOXIOUS, but in the spirit of "keepin' it real", it's obnoxious!
I can't wait to ask God when I see him someday what was going through his head when he glued in my giggle box. He sooooo must have been having a particularly humor filled day.
I grew up with the nickname Heidi the hyena, and well, if you have actually met me, you know why. I have had old high school friends find me on facebook, and the first thing they want to know, is if I still have my laugh.
The last thing about my laugh (and this is just between you and me) is,.....want to know who my laugh annoys the heck out of?? My little bro. It drives him CRAZY!!! Naturally you can guess what I do to push his buttons a little...........just every NOW and THEN.......hee hee hee

3.I am a CLEAN FREAK.....or NEAT FREAK at the very least. My dad has so kindly passed down his OCD to me in the areas of neatness where EVERYTHING has a place.....and THAT'S where it should be. At ALL times. I have a hard time doing ANYTHING unless my house is spotless. Trust me, this is really not a good thing. It causes MUCH unneeded stress. I am working on this. FAILING, but working.

4.I'm a dingbat. (hey! this wasn't a post about NEW things about me....just random right?)
Having said that, I also have a VERY serious side to me that only close friends and family usually get let in on. I seriously enjoy and CHERISH deep relationships with people.
I feel that I maintain a healthy balance of fun and seriousness........I hope anyways.

5.I HATE to exercise....but I do it anyways. I am hoping that one day the excitement level will increase, but so far NO luck....Who invented exercise anyways? Isn't it eerily close to EXORCISM?? In that case, it definitely goes AGAINST my religion. Yeah, that's the ticket. IT GOES AGAINST MY RELIGION!!!

6. I bite my shirt just like a child would. Seriously. When I am sitting down watching TV or on the computer, I usually have the neck of my shirt in my mouth. Gross. I know. But you wanted random....

Okay, here is who I am tagging.....drum roll please.......
Hollie, Melanie, Canela, Bethanne, Beki, and Danielle

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  • Sandi Hixson

    okay you did it to me again......only today i have a freshly applied "mask" on my face..that has completely dried and the goal is to NOT crack it so it can "suck" up all the yuck off my face......and sure nuf......wouldn't ya know it......i started lol-ing immediately upon reading this......you just HAD to start with the car accident, didn't you little miss?
    needless to say, my face cracked

  • Sandi Hixson

    you need to share a few other little stories since you obviously have ingested some kind of truth serum in the past few days...like the time you went thru the car wash WITH THE WINDOWS DOWN!..huh? how bout that one?
    or what about PULL OVER and PULL OFF???..........uh huh....how bout that thar one????
    i also recollect your story about pulling away from a gas station WITH the hose STILL attached to your car........
    you really ARE an accident waiting to happen...........
    your loving mother

  • Anonymous

    Tagging you back. You are it. Now, you need to fill us in with all the stories that your mom mentioned in her comments. I have to hear about you driving away from the gas station with the hose in your car.

  • Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique

    Uh Oh!!! Alright I'll have mine up soon.

  • BethAnne

    I thought your wreck story was funny (laughing WITH you not AT you of course) until I read your mom's comments......tell us all about the carwash and the gas station please!!!

    You seriously rolled in the grass? And totalled your car while you had previously been at a complete stop --- I am thinking the stop might have been less complete than you recall....funny how you have no recollection of what actually happened - yeah right!! I know how you ATL drivers are - CRAZY!!! I have such a hilarious picture of this in my mind that I cannot stop laughing right now.....and please stop the shirt biting!!!

    Note to self: Never ride with Heidi and definitely never let her borrow a shirt.

  • BethAnne

    Oh and your poor mother!!! How will she ever have soft, supple, glowing youthful skin if you continue these types posts????? Stop the madness!

  • Anonymous

    Great post. Your mom's comments are about as funny as your post. :)

  • Jennifer

    Oh my gosh, how funny! I can just SEE you now doing the stop, drop, and roll. You've made my day! :)

  • Heidi Zawisza

    Thanks a TON there.....don't think those stories didn't cross my mind, I just figured the one I chose to reveal was a little (by a small margin, but none the less)LESS dingbatty......
    SO, YES people,my mother does not tell a lie, and YES these things HAVE happened......and maybe just maybe you'll be lucky enough to hear about them one day......
    Of course that is ONLY after my mother tells of the time she was convinced that there was a man in our garage bbq'ing my dad and brother on the GRILL!!!!!! YES! you heard me right....she ACTUALLY was convinced that the man she found in our garage one day had kidnapped my dad and brother out of the house and was grilling them on the grill!!!!!
    How 'bout THAT mom???? huh? Huh?

    see? I come by my personality VERY honestly!!!!!!!!

  • alliekat

    I have seriously laughed so hard reading this! Give us more!

  • Sandi Hixson

    so what is it you are REALLY trying to say little girl.........huh?
    ...uh......the apple doesn't fall far from the tree?...huh? is that the message you are so cleverly trying to get across here?

  • Anonymous

    I love it when I pick up a book that causes me to laugh out loud - there's nothing better! This is what is happening with me when I read your posts! I'm laughing out loud, so loud, that my husband - who's in the loo (!!!HAH!!!), has just shouted down, "What's so funny?"... not telling!!!... I've gone back through your posts and read "Sleeping" and the comments for that and then this post - heck, can I come have Christmas with your family!!! You all come across so full-of-fun - and complete and utter madness... I laughed hard when Josh chipped in re supposedly keeping that post from Craig - classic! Good luck with that one, funny girl!!!

  • gina

    ROTFLMAO. >gasp< oh my gosh- you had me at stop drop and roll. What a visual. I'm surprised they didn't think you were on something. I have done that though- I see the other lane's light turn green and subconciously start to drive until hubby yells or I wake up and stomp on my brakes.

    Shaye has that nasty little habit and have I ever talked about my OCD(which includes a severe aversion to spit, mouths, etc.)- yeah not pleasant to deal with.

  • BethAnne

    My b-day is November 9, 1972-- by my calculations, I am now 2 (I always stunk at math)

  • Anonymous

    no mention of popcorn on an open fire, or the mystery bank deposit via airborne express? :)

  • Connie

    Oh my....I was laughing so hard I about peed my pants...you are too much fun!!! My sister and I, and my daughter and I laugh until we cry. Laughing is contagious and good for the heart. Thanks for a good laugh! Can't wait to hear about the other stories...but give me a heads up so I can hit the potty first! Connie

  • Anonymous

    How about the time your back window blew out going down the interstate!

  • ShortOne

    OH, how happy I am that I tagged you. I so needed a good laugh & you delivered! I would still love to be able to know you in real life & go places with you - some of your stories are so much like a friend of mine - I know we would have so much fun!!!